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5 Things About The Movie “Gravity”

10/13/2013 by C.

Go see this movie!

Go see this movie!




I actually ventured out of the house last Saturday to go see this one. Maybe these five thoughts will help you determine if you should go see it or not. It seems people are pretty hesitant about it for some reason.


1. It makes you appreciate walking on the Earth so much more. I never ever ever ever want to go up in space thanks to this movie. Not even if Richard Branson offered to send me up for free.

2. Sandra Bullock was amazing in this. I expect she will get an Academy Award nomination for this role. Far from her normal adorkable self, but she pulls off serious very nicely.

3.  This movie is beautiful. Space is amazing to look at and the special effects are superb.

4. You must pay the extra money to see this in 3D or IMAX. Nothing as exciting as getting whacked in the head a few times with flying space debris.

5. George Clooney basically plays the astronaut version of himself in the movie…charming, handsome and funny. This is really Sandra’s movie and he’s allowed to be in it.

You simply must see this movie.


  1. kden says:

    This is next on our to-do list. We have an IMAX in town and I’m sure they will soon offer the 3-D. Thanks for your input.

    • Chanin says:

      I almost went to see it again in the town where the writer’s workshop was held yesterday. They have an IMAX. I probably should have…oh well. Let me know how it is in IMAX if you go.

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