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A Few of My Favorite Things…Summer Edition

08/09/2013 by C.

Amazing in concert!

Amazing live show!



It is time for the Summer Edition of a few of my favorite things. Kinda like Oprah, but I don’t get paid anything to like this stuff.

1st up, Ed Sheeran. I am obsessed with him and his music. Even more so after seeing him open for Taylor Swift this past weekend. Check out his cd +.

Lovely music

Lovely music


While on the subject of music, let’s chat about one of my all-time faves. Ms. Sara Bareilles has a new cd out called “The Blessed Unrest”. She is so great and this album seems a little more pop to me than her normal stuff but I LOVE it. Of course, my most favorite is the saddest song on the album called, “Manhattan”. I could listen to it 100 times in a row and not get tired of it. I wrote a version of it  myself after hearing it.

“You can have Manhattan

cause it costs too much to live there

the litter and the muggers

the blizzards from hell”

Her version might be a little better than mine, but whatever.

Yum yum, don't touch my bag or I will cut you!

Yum yum, don’t touch my bag or I will cut you!





Next up we have my favorite new snack…Chex Muddy Buddies…the peanut butter and chocolate flavor. This crap should be outlawed. I can eat a whole bag in one sitting, then grab a straw to suck up all the crumbles in the bottom of the bag. I call it Chanin Crack.





My kind of show.

My kind of show.








Besides, Orange is the New Black, my other favorite show is Naked and Afraid. You get naked, and they plop you out in the middle of nowhere to survive for 21 days. Each person gets a tool of choice and go off into the wilderness with their new naked friend. I think my tool of choice would have to be sunglasses to shade my eyes from the bright white ass of my partner. Then I am sure after a day of eating grub worms, I would just roll up into a big ball and cry until they extract me. But watching other people suffer from lack of nourishment and bacteria ridden water=classic TV. Oh, they are casting for season 2 if any of you are interested.

Wonderful book

Wonderful book




A few months ago, I joined something called Basically, if you have a website they will send you books to read for free(you have to write a review of the book you read); most of them before they even come out to the public (they are sent via an e-reader only). The very first book I chose to read was “The House at the End of Hope Street”.

I just fell in love with this book. When I read this book, I really wanted the house to exist so I could visit. It is a book that takes you away and makes you feel good reading it. Those are hard to come by these days.



Honorable mention…the HBO show “Hard Knocks”. Anything that can give me an inside peek at the best sport in the world (NFL football) is more than ok by me. Love this show every season no matter what team they follow around.

Well, that is it. In just a few months, I will have the Fall Favorite Things post to share.





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