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  1. Black Friday Romance…Slightly Better Than a $2 Waffle Maker

    December 1, 2011 by C.

    Aren’t they cute??
    So many negative stories about Black Friday…kind of sad really. I came across a Black Friday love story and just had to share. 
    Trevor MacDonald and Jesse Pierfelice met while standing in line on a Black Friday three years ago. They were lined up outside a Super Target on a rainy Black Friday night. Pierfelice was not so sure about MacDonald when her mom dropped her off to get in the line. 

    “He had this hoodie tied tight, and my mom dropped me off, and I was like, ‘You’re not leaving me here with this guy. He looks like a bum,'” Pierfelice said.

    They stood in line together for several hours chatting and Pierfelice learned that MacDonald was a college student and not the bum she thought he might be. The doors opened at 6 a.m. and they decided to exchange numbers. 
    After text messages and phone calls, they finally went out on a date. Two years later, MacDonald proposed.
    *give me a minute…gotta find the Kleenex box*

    Isn’t that sweet?? Forget the $2 waffle makers…he nabbed a wife.
    “Yes — the ultimate Black Friday present; I got a good deal,” MacDonald said. 
    I had a similar experience while waiting in line outside a Best Buy one night. “Rock Band” was being released at midnight and it was supposed to be the hottest gift that Christmas and I had to have one. Yes, I am a grown adult but sometimes I just gotta let my inner rock star out and this looked like just the way to do it instead of all the concerts I have given with my car windows rolled down while in traffic. I am so good that the homeless guy that would stand out in front of Wal-mart begging for money would actually throw the money he collected at my car. That folks, is when you know you have talent. 
    Anywho, I stood in line for almost two hours next to Bill. I read his name off his McDonald’s name tag that also had “fry guy” printed underneath his name. He asked me what time it was fifty times in those two hours. He told me once he really needed to piss. To which I responded, “Yea, I hate when that happens.” What can you say when someone tells you that??
    He said that he planned on pulling an all-nighter to stay up to play the game and asked if I would be doing the same. 
    “Um, no I have to work in the morning,” I said. 
    “Dude, that blows! That is why I love working at McDonald’s. They are so flexible with the scheduling so I am off for the next three days just to play this game,” he said. 
    I had to ask, “Bill, how do you work at McDonald’s and afford things like this?” 
    “I live in my parent’s basement, dude. It even has an outside entrance so I can sneak in the ladies without my parents finding out,” he said while winking at me. 
    Yes, I was being hit on by “the fry guy”.
    “How old are you, Bill?” I asked. 
    “38…I look pretty good for my age…I know…I hear it all the time. You should come over tonight and play “Rock Band” with me…maybe we can do some rockin’ in my bedroom,” he replied.


    And with that I walked away. The next 20 years of my life with fry guy flashed before my eyes and the only positive I could see was the possibility of a few free McDonald’s french fries. No video game in the world was worth a life with Bill the “fry guy”.