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  1. Ya’ll Stop Being Mean to Paula Deen

    January 31, 2012 by C.

    I had a dream last night that I was supposed to write a blog in defense of Paula Deen. I am clueless as to where this came from. I didn’t eat anything spicy or an abnormal amount of butter.
    As most of you know Paula came on the Today show last week and revealed that she has had diabetes for the past three years. Many feel that the reason she kept this a secret for the past few years was so she could make more money selling her products and cookbooks. Many of her fans are angry and feel betrayed. Seriously people, get a grip.
    Let’s start with the obvious. Is it really anyone’s business but hers that she has diabetes? No, it isn’t. Just because she is on TV doesn’t make her personal life an open book for all to read. She didn’t have to share this three years ago and she didn’t have to share it now.
    Now, if you are a Paula fan and have ever made any of her dishes you should know the shit is bad for you. I would hope that you have the common sense to not make three meals a day from a Paula cookbook. Paula’s food is like a special treat, only to be eaten in moderation. Paula doesn’t show up at your house, whip this stuff up and force-feed you. You make the choice of what you do and don’t eat. So everyone can stop with blaming her for the nation’s obesity epidemic.
    I will say it was a bit tacky of her to come out with this just as she signed a deal to endorse a diabetes drug. Through all of this I think this was her biggest mistake. It makes us feel like she is greedy. But aren’t we all a little greedy? I doubt many people would walk away from a large chunk of cash if in her shoes.
    Paula Deen is a product. She is a business and she is in the business to make money. If you owned a business I think you would do everything possible to make money at it. Take a look at Garth Brooks. Before he retired I read an article where he said his children’s grandchildren would never have to work if they didn’t want to because of all the money he has made. Yet, he went back out on a tour, released several albums at Wal-mart and now has a gig in Vegas. Does Garth need more money? No. But if there is demand for what you are selling, why not continue making money?
    I have occasionally watched “Weeds”. The main character is a drug-dealing mom. Does this mean I should start peddling drugs on street corners? No. “Dexter” is a serial killer that kills bad people. Does this give me the right to chop up my neighbor because he steals my newspapers? Nope.
    Bottom line, Paula Deen is an entertainer. Having the brains to know what you should and shouldn’t do is completely up to ya’ll.