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  1. My Glamorous Life

    May 20, 2011 by C.

    I am often approached at restaurants and on the street by people just so curious about my life as a blogger.

    “Where do you come up with these funny ideas for stories?”

    “Did you take a class to learn how to be funny?”

    “Is your mom really that mean to you?”

    So I thought tonight would be a great night to just lay it all out there. This my friends, is a picture of my working area. Spectacular don’t you think? So glamorous. Let me walk you through it.

    Orange notebook- “Clippings” I learned this in one of my 30 writing courses. You make a notebook and when you see a story about something you might like to write about one day, you keep it in there.

    Router, modem, tv remote control, my glasses case, calculator (to add up the HUGE amount of money I make off this blog), little notepad under calculator. Carmex for my sensitive lips, Nivea Creame for my chapped hands, 25% off coupon for Ruby Tuesday, winning horse racing ticket (thank you Animal Kingdom).

    Moving across the folding table we have my mouse pad with several pills on it. This blog isn’t about happy pills for no reason. One of which I call my “Super crazy pill”. You can never know when a reader will leave a hateful comment that makes me cry and the only thing to get me to snap out of an evening of self-loathing is that little pill. Nasal spray, another notebook, cd cleaner (for when I play my Adam Lambert cds so much it wears them out), can of that computer spray crap, pens and highlighter. Dixie Cup with tea, resting on my Steelers coaster.

    Keyboard, monitor with Adam Lambert as wallpaper and the pieces of paper…the one at the top is out of a fortune cookie I got recently and it reads,” From now on your kindness will lead you to success.” I am really not a kind person, so it makes me giggle when I read it.

    The white paper on the bottom is a list of goals I made for myself. Most of which would get me in trouble at work so those I won’t share…but I will share this one…”#3 Have Happy Pill blog up to 50 followers by December 31st, 2011.” I have 6 right now so that one is probably a bit of a reach…but isn’t that why it is called a goal??? DUH!

    Last but not least…lets talk about the folding table. It is broken. Hard to see in the photo but the monitor is leaning. If I get into a major typing frenzy, I have to hold the table up with my left knee. Yes, it might be time to break down and purchase a real desk.

    That is it. My super glamorous life as a blogger. I hope you enjoyed a peek into the lifestyle of this rich and famous woman. I am sure you will go to bed tonight thinking, “Man, I wish I was a rich and successful Blogger like Chanin.”

    Keep dreaming bitches.