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  1. Airline Travel: Not for the Faint of Heart

    January 21, 2012 by C.

    Last Friday, British Airways flight 206 traveling from Miami, FL to London accidentally announced over the speaker system that the plane was about to crash into the ocean. Apparently, they have this message pre-recorded (WHY?) and it just happened to play.

    A British Airways spokesperson told the newspaper: “The cabin crew canceled the announcement immediately and sought to reassure customers that the flight was operating normally. We apologize to customers for causing them undue concern.”

    Can you imagine waking from a deep sleep to hear this? It would be a miracle if I did not shit my pants immediately followed up by my heart exploding with a massive heart attack. If neither of those things occurred I think my first thought would be getting to a drink cart a.s.a.p. I have heard of people surviving car crashes that they shouldn’t have just because they were so drunk. I would have 5 mini-bottles shoved in my mouth with 5 more lined up for the next round.

    After I was good and buzzed, I would wander around the plane asking if anyone would like to join the “Mile High Club” with me. I do not have one ounce of wild in my body, but at that point why not go out with a bang…literally.

    You know there are always people on the plane that are so out of it they didn’t hear the announcement. I wonder if the crew went around gently shaking them, “Sir, excuse me sir…I just thought you would like to know we are all about to die. Pretzels?”

    I imagine the airline is going to have a few lawsuits brought against them for this one, if nothing else to reimburse for new pants and underwear for all the passengers. With this and the cruise ship disaster, I am just not sure I want to put my life in the hands of lunatics. All my future vacations will be road trips for sure.