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  1. Making Me Smile

    March 17, 2013 by C.


    I love this video. I think I have watched it every morning for the past week. What a way to start the day with a big fat grin on your face. I love how she puts down her purse so she can really bust out some moves for us. I also love the end where our little granny busts out the “f” word.



  2. Funny Video Friday

    March 1, 2013 by C.

    A couple of videos have had me chuckling all week. Just had to share…



    The latest craze seems to be duets with screaming goats. This is one of the better ones…


  3. Janice, I Love You

    January 24, 2013 by C.

    I came across this one night on Pinterest and could not stop laughing. Yes, I am mean. I am Janice Jr. I am not sure if she is his aunt or what but she really is heartless and barely cares the kid is hanging on with just his double chin.

    Janice, if you are out there you are an inspiration.

    Janice, the bitch

  4. Nancy Drew Would Be Proud

    July 2, 2012 by C.


    A woman in Monticello, KY was Super-Glued to a toilet inside the local Wal-mart. She sat down and was unable to get up. She started screaming and banging on the stall until someone came to help her. She sat there for an hour.


    The paramedics were able to get the seat removed from the stool, but unable to get it removed from her bum. She was taken to the emergency room for further treatment.

    The police believe this was done on purpose and when the perpetrator is caught, he or she could face 2nd degree assault charges.

    Now, I have a theory on this. I am basically a detective having graduated from the Nancy Drew School of Detecting Shit and something is fishy about her story. I, too have had an unfortunate incident involving Super Glue and a body part. That stuff dries fast. You can’t tell me that someone put that on the seat and left it there until this fruitcake plopped down. It would have been dry, people. Plus, it smells horrible. She would have caught a whiff of those fumes in the produce section. If she did sit down in wet Super Glue, then why did she just sit in it? If my precious bottom had sat in something slimy, I would have vaulted over the stall from sheer terror of what disease I have just contracted.

    She is looking to collect some money from Wal-mart and live the easy life.  Granted, she won’t be sitting on her rear for the next few months, but a little suffering will be worth all the money she is going to receive.

    If by chance my theory might be wrong (yea, right) and this actually went down like they suspect…the woman is still to blame, because you just do not use the toilets at Wal-mart. EVER. I truly would rather pull up in the shoe section and crawl into my cart to squat over a dog food bowl. I would not be embarrassed in the least, because I know for a fact crazier things than that happen all the time at Wally World.

    Bottom line folks…people are nuts. Before you back that thing up, make sure you peek at the seat.

    *Buy your Peek at the Seat t-shirts at very soon*


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  5. Million Dollar TV

    June 23, 2012 by C.

    Carter Oosterhouse= hot handyman





    Like most women, I watch my fair share of HGTV. A show that I look forward to each week is “Million Dollar Rooms” hosted by hottie Carter Oosterhouse. It airs on Tuesday  nights 7:30pm central. Aside from the eye-candy host, it completely amuses me to see what people are stupid enough to waste their money on.

    I try to put myself in their position. My bank account has millions of dollars in it just sitting around on shelves in the vault, so why not blow it on a rock-climbing wall in my house? Or heck, let’s just put a zoo in our backyard. The grand-kids will love it until the monkey mistakes their little fingers for miniature bananas.

    Indoor basketball and tennis courts, 50’s diners, massage rooms, disco rooms, massive aquariums, shooting range, movie theaters, bowling alleys and last but not least a $10 million dollar indoor pool room. With $10 million to spend on one room of my house, I am afraid I would put in a Papa John’s and Walgreens so I would never have to leave the house again.

    Every episode has me wondering what in the hell these people do for a living to afford all this useless stuff? Many of the homes were shown by real estate brokers and you don’t get to see the actual owner (I assume this is because they are horribly embarrassed by what they have wasted their money on and don’t want beaten up the next time they are shopping at Sam’s Club). They must have invented something awesome like the Boyfriend Pillow.




    I mean seriously…this is freaking awesome. Splash a little cologne on the shirt (not sure why he didn’t come wearing a pajama top, but I went ahead and made one for him myself) and  you really never need a man around except for killing rodents.

    Clearly I did not pass Home Economics class.

    Now, where was I? Oh yes, people spending their money on stupid shit. One episode had Barbi Benton sharing her tacky house off to the cameras. You remember Barbi…she was in Playboy back in the 70’s and is known for her “Hee Haw” appearances. This episode proves that all the money in the world cannot buy you an ounce of decorating taste. If you don’t believe me, let me show you what her front yard looks like.



    While I don’t know these people and what they do with the rest of their money, it just seems they could find something better to do with it. Donate it, start a charity, see the world or just give it to me.

  6. Zombie Apocalypse Coming Soon

    May 30, 2012 by C.

    Have you seen the news lately? Zombies are popping out of the woodwork.

    Let’s start with the face eating Zombie from Miami, Florida. A naked man, chewing on a homeless man’s face. When asked nicely to stop chewing on the man’s nose, Zombie turned around and growled at the cop, then went back to eating.The cop shot him, but our Zombie continued with his Sunday brunch. It took 6 shots to kill this guy. I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds like a serious Zombie attack and it really freaks me out.

    Then this morning, I read another Zombie stabbed himself and as the police were trying to subdue him, he started throwing pieces of his intestines and skin at them. Here is the important piece of information…the police sprayed him with pepper spray before he started    the intestine toss and it did not phase him. Are you getting the picture, folks?

    Maybe this will help spell it out for you if you are a little slow…

    We’re screwed, bitches!

    However if you start preparing now, chances are you might survive at least 2-3 days. Look, the world is going to come to a bloody nasty end soon, so you might as well rack up those credit cards buying preparation supplies or just buy a bunch of shit you have wanted for a long time, because you truly won’t be around long enough to pay the bills.

    ***Note from the law office of French, Frye and Coke—She is joking. Our client will not be held accountable. Do not charge up your credit cards preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse. She is really dumb to believe all this crazy shit, but she pays us well.***

    I will keep this short and sweet as I am busy putting together my list of supplies to survive this mess. If you need a cheat sheet to get started with your purchases here is what I have on my list so far…

    Shotgun (duh)

    bullets for shotgun

    Monster truck (if you don’t shoot very well at least you can run over them)

    First aid kit


    Many cases of Coke

    Some of these so you can wipe the Zombie goo from your eye protection. Of course, Elton John is already prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse.





    70 inch LED Flat screen (ok, that has nothing to do with Zombies…I just want one).


    Friends like these that you won’t feel bad about sacrificing to the Zombies…

    ***Do not sacrifice them until they have found you a nice hidey hole, killed a cow and butchered it all up into some nice T-bones and built you a fire. Then you can let the Zombies have them.***

    This is some serious stuff and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The next story I read about someone chowing on another human or using their own blood as paint, I am grabbing my Bug Out Bag ( and heading for the hills.

  7. Harvard Baseball Rules

    May 10, 2012 by C.

    Let me come clean. This little song is growing on me. Carly Rae Jepsen is her name and “Call Me Maybe” is being played just about as much as Bieber these days. I saw this video and just had to share. It makes me laugh. These boys must spend way too much time on buses.


  8. Busted…Literally

    February 5, 2012 by C.

    Dolly Parton wishes she had boobies as large as mine

    Maureen Raymond, 49, was arrested last week for driving under the influence. Now, if I stopped right there it would seem like a normal every day thing but it gets so much better folks.

    Upon being pulled over for going 50 in a 35 mph zone, she tells police she cannot participate in the sobriety field tests because, “big breast you don’t balance well.”

    Hmmmmm…I bet they had never heard that excuse before.

    Raymond was slurring her speech and reeked of alcohol. The officers asked her if she had any injuries and she said she had, “big breasts and whiplash.” I am not sure how she got the whiplash considering she had not wrecked her car. Maybe it was an injury from earlier in the day when she attempted to get her bazookas wrangled into a bra.

    Police asked Raymond to walk in a straight line and instead of doing that she decided to “bust” a move and was dancing all over the place. The officers told her she needed to keep her hands down by her sides and she responded, “hell no, not with these”. She again stated she could not do the test with her “big boobies.”

    The police report also said that Raymond started to take off her clothes to show the officers her breasts but they stopped her. If she were 23 and had on her stripper outfit from Bare Assets, the gentlemen’s club down the street, it might have been a different story.

    I wonder if this will start other people claiming they have issues that prevent them from walking the line…say a huge beer belly or heavy balls. What’s not so good for the goose, just might work for the gander.

    The thing is, I have the same issues as Ms. Raymond. Instead of fighting them though, I have learned to embrace them. Here are a few things that I have found they are good for…

    If my plane goes down in a large body of water, no need to reach under my seat for the flotation device, these babies could float me to China and back.

    They come in very handy as a shelf. I often perch ink pens, remote controls and my car keys on them when my hands are full.

    It never fails when I am eating, something falls and stops there. The food usually stays there until I pick it off and throw it away or eat it. Turns out, breasts work great as food savers.

    Cleavage is great for holding things such as lollipops, so I can eat a lollipop while using my hands to drive my car. I love multi-tasking!

    I will be mailing Ms. Raymond a copy of these suggestions to the Martin County Sheriff’s office. Maybe next time she won’t do something so silly that gives all us big boobie women a bad name.