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  1. New Time Killer…Incredibox

    May 28, 2012 by C.

    So much fun!



    I really don’t need anymore time killers in my life right now but I am willing to give up some Facebook time to play with this one.

    Incredibox allows you to make your own beatbox songs. This is a skill set I have always wished I could have, but the only sound that I can ever produce sounds like a fart, so I am so glad someone has invented this for people like me.

    Go to the site and drag the different sounds up to the guys and they start performing. The site also allows you to name your song and share it on Facebook.

    This is so much fun and very addictive. Try it…I dare you!

    Hopefully, I will get so good at this I will have to take my show out on the road.

  2. Friends We Never Met

    May 4, 2012 by C.

    My keyboard has a Grumpy button!

    I have been horribly busy the past few days going over Kentucky Derby stats. Chances are I won’t make my final decision until just about race time so Grumpy was kind enough to fill in for me.

    I love what he wrote. He is my buddy although we have never met in person. We send each other text messages (usually about the Steelers) and we give each other grief on our Facebook pages. He is a great guy and I cannot wait to meet him someday!

    So, here is my friend Grumpy/Stu…enjoy! Check out his blog sometime…

    Friends We Never Met
    By Grumpy
    Change of pace today folks.  Chanin, the owner of this blog and whose musings you’re accustomed to finding here, needed a day off.  I don’t know what she’s doing, probably watching the recent NFL Draft on her DVR or breaking down film of players for next year’s draft.  She’s sort of obsessed that way.  Anyway, she was kind enough to invite me to sit in while she’s away.  Kind of a leap of faith if you think about it; she’s giving me her space to say anything I want.  I could be a total embarrassment, offend her regular readers and leave her a mess to clean up.  I’ll try my best not to do that.
    Here’s some of what I know about Chanin:  She’s a positive person, she loves Oreos, she loves pizza, she loves Walgreens and she loves the Pittsburgh Steelers.  When her hometown was struck by a devastating tornado, she spent countless hours organizing help for those who needed it, soliciting donations for people who had lost everything.  She won’t tell you that herself, so I will.  She is a good person, the kind of person you would be proud to call your friend.
    I think of Chanin as my friend.  Here’s the thing though; we have never met.  I don’t even remember how we found each other, probably one of us blindly finding the other’s blog.  I love Oreos, pizza and the Steelers; we have that in common.  I’m more of a “glass half empty” kind of person and Walgreens is where I pick up my prescriptions.
    You’re probably asking yourself if I’m going anywhere with this.  Actually, I am.  Before the Internet, neither of us would know the other existed.  But technology connected us.  Not just us either.  Through blogging, I’ve made “friends” in Spokane, WA, Norman, OK, Columbus, OH and Olympia, WA.   By extension, I’ve “met” some of their friends.  Now many of us are also connected by Facebook.  If you had told me just 10 years ago that any of this would be possible I would have laughed at you.  
    Will Chanin and I ever meet in person?  I don’t know.  I hope so.  A bright, sunny October day in an NFL stadium watching the Steelers kick somebody’s ass would be perfect.

  3. What Would You Give Up For Internet

    April 18, 2012 by C.

    Imagine a world with very limited Internet access. So limited that you would have to give up something to get the access you have now. What would you be willing to part with?

    A recent study by the Boston Consulting Group asked that question to people around the globe. It is pretty incredible what people said they would give up for their Internet. Here are some of the results from the U.S. people polled.

    21% would stop having sex. I thought about this long and hard…I think it would depend on a few things. Would I be giving up sex with someone like Bradley Cooper or would it be the normal sex I have which consists of bribing men out of the homeless shelter and into my car, all for the promise of a Papa John’s pizza and a pack Marlboros. That would make a huge difference.

    83% said they would stop eating fast food. Surely this cannot be accurate. I don’t think they explained the rules to the participants. You are giving up something FOREVER. We all know you will get a craving for some McNuggets and your Internet privileges will be revoked. Besides, what will you feed your children??

    77% would give up chocolate. Some people are just damn nuts. There are certain days of the month I would chop off a finger in exchange for a Snickers bar that I can dip into a hot fudge sundae while hooked to a feeding tube pumping in chocolate fondue while taking a bath in chocolate pudding. Don’t knock it until you try it.

    73% say they would stop drinking alcoholic beverages. I could give up the bottle for Internet access easy because mixing booze with all the crazy pills I am on results in a highly dangerous situation. Now ask me if I would give up my crazy pills…HELL NO!

    43% would give up exercising. Yea, no shit. If you are so addicted to sitting in front of your computer and pinning pictures of shit you will never ever have, you won’t have any problems whatsoever giving up a session with your personal trainer. Personally, if walking from my couch to the fridge and back doesn’t count as exercise I am not getting any anyways. Exercise be gone! Pinterest here I come!

    Last but not least…7% would stop taking showers/baths. I think these are the people that live in their parent’s basement and play World of Warcraft all day and all nightlong. Walking upstairs for a shower would take far too much energy and time away from the other Orcs (I shall never tell how I know what an Orc is).

    So here are the things I would give up for some Internet…



    My life-size stand-up of Adam Lambert (it would be sooooo hard to part with but how would I chat with all my Glambert sisters without internet access???).

    Sleep apnea machine

    My bad ass BB gun.

    I think that is about it. What would you give up for unlimited surfing??