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  1. "Hunger Games" Inspired Dinner

    March 23, 2012 by C.

    Like pretty much everyone else in this country I am super obsessed with “The Hunger Games” books. The movie opens tonight at midnight but since I am old and have to work tomorrow I will have to wait for the weekend to see it. So I decided to celebrate with a dinner tonight that is inspired by the books.

    I wanted to start my dinner with some grilled squirrel legs but when I went out in the backyard to shoot a squirrel this is what greeted me…

    So I slowly closed the door and decided on some goat cheese. 
    My main course had to be lamb stew with dried plums. 
    And what “Hunger Games” meal would be complete without some Peeta bread…
    If you all haven’t checked out the books please do and then get out to see the movie.