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  1. Everyone is Going to Have One of These

    June 9, 2011 by C.

    A woman in the Netherlands had all 152 of her friends profile pictures tattooed to her arm. The process took two weeks to complete. It doesn’t mention the cost but I  imagine it cost her a small fortune.

    This bothers me for many reasons. I am just not a fan of tattoos. Yes, I know they are “in” right now and everyone is doing it and everyone has one. Everyone but me.

    Then there is the issue of what would I have a tattoo of??? I could go with ” I love my Mom” inside a big heart on my chest but I am fairly confident that my Mom would try to remove it with a cheese grater as she hates tattoos even more than I do. Sure, I could go with some sort of Steelers tattoo but that just doesn’t seem very original. I am not one of those women that just LOVE ladybugs so much I feel I must have one on each of my 10 toes. So that really just leaves something like an Adam Lambert tattoo. I know if I went down that road someone would lock me in the loony bin and toss the key.

    There is also the issue of pain. I do not like pain. I avoid at all costs. When I had an ingrown toenail removed recently you would have thought someone had sawed off my arm with a box opener. It hurt people. Seriously.

    Now, I really think this woman is nuts because your Facebook friends change so much. What happens when she starts losing friends? There is not a magic eraser that I know of that will make their little faces go away. Gaining more friends is easy enough, just go back and have them added. But when some of those 152 people see what she has done, I would have to think she might at least drop down to 130 friends pretty quickly. I wouldn’t want my fat face displayed on someones arm. I suppose a solution would be to put a giant X over their face when they part ways. That will teach you to un-friend me!

    All I have to say is you should all thank this woman because my topic this evening was to be about a woman that can have orgasms while she poops. Enough said.