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  1. You Are So Dumb!

    June 16, 2011 by C.

    Sean Murphy, 38, had been troubled by a wart that was on his middle finger. He had tried every sort of cream, home remedy and seen many doctors. Nothing could get rid of this thing. Well nothing but his 12-bore Beretta shotgun.

    Mr. Murphy got his drink on one evening and decided he could shoot the wart off his finger. Instead, he shot off most of his middle finger and wound up in trouble with the law. You see, the gun was not registered. For all this pain and suffering, he was handed a 16 week prison sentence and 100 hours of community service.

    I really don’t understand why a doctor could not remove this thing. I have had a wart on my finger before. One quick trip to the dermatologist and I was wart free and still had my finger to boot.

    It also puzzles me why he thought a gun was the best route. Ever heard of a scalpel? Kitchen knife? Box cutter? Razor blade? I guess not.

    Mr. Murphy, you are so dumb!