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Cellphones Better Than Sex To Some

05/13/2012 by C.

A recent survey by Meredith Parents Network revealed that 12% of women ages 18-35 are using their cellphones during sex. It is unfortunate that the survey did not allow these women to reveal exactly what they were doing with the phones during sex. Playing “Draw Something” or just using the vibrate function? Watching missed “Housewives of New Jersey” episodes or porn?

Maybe they might be updating their Facebook status…

“OMG, I wish he would hurry up and get off me already. Kardashians starts in 10. Looks like I will have to fake it AGAIN.”

Or Tweeting…
“#bored…sex is so overrated. Would rather be watching TV right now. Hurry UP!!”

The first thought that came to mind reading this is that 12% of men are doing something horribly wrong. It really shouldn’t be that difficult to keep a woman’s attention during sexy time. If nothing else, promise her a tub of Hagen Dazs if she can leave the phone on the night stand for ten minutes straight without touching it. Women will do anything for ice cream.

If all else fails, bang her head into the headboard and knock some damn sense into her, because it really is rude no matter how bad it is.


  1. Grumpy says:


  2. nu G says:

    I have even been known to watch Football for a reward of Ben & Jerry's ….. putting down the "SMART" phone certainly will be no prob for this old girl! But….I do lov me some Real Housewives tho!! Those gals are just mean : )

  3. bill says:

    I learn now that it is all over that it was all fake. Damn. I could've had V-8 or something.

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