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Christian Grey Revealed

07/11/2012 by C.

Val Kilmer serial killer…not Christian Grey



Dr. Faye Skelton wanted to get a composite of what Christian Grey looks like to women who have read 50 Shades of Grey. She consulted twelve women to help her with the drawing. They used the faces of various famous dudes like Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, David Beckham and Patrick Dempsey.

This was not the man I had in mind when I read the book. I don’t know if these women had a ladies night out before their meeting and were half snockered or what. This is a young Val Kilmer. A scary young Val Kilmer.

I thought long and hard about who should play Christian after I read the first book. Initially I was thinking Matt Bomer. But I have changed my mind. I am voting for Henry Cavill. This is my Christian Grey.

Hubba Hubba


Henry has the hair, looks great in a suit and is great with a whip (do not ask me how I know such things).

I feel sorry for the casting director of this film. No matter who you pick for Christian and Anastasia, many will criticize the choice. Every woman in the world has a picture of Christian in her head and one of Anastasia for that matter. You just can’t please everyone.

Give me some feedback. Who is your Christian and Anastasia?

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  1. Grumpy says:

    William Shatner and Helen Mirren. Actually, I would do Helen Mirren.

  2. Kden says:

    Geez Grumpy, what’s with you and having the hots for older ladies lately? I haven’t read the book, but I don’t know why someone would wan’t to make up a composite of what a character should look like. They look better in the head, just like any other man.

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