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Christmas Has Arrived For This Girl

09/07/2013 by C.

True story

True story






This is my favorite time of the year. Thursday, the NFL officially kicked off  and to me it is like being a kid on Christmas Eve. Instead of lying in bed praying Santa will bring me some roller skates, an Easy Bake Oven and will take my little sister with him to work at the North Pole,  I toss and turn wondering if I will win all of my fantasy football leagues and if the Steelers will be headed to the Super Bowl. The last few hours before the start of the games is like being upstairs, walking around on your tippy-toes trying to peek to see if Santa has come yet.

The start of the NFL season brightens my mood tenfold. It means NFL games on Sundays, Mondays and Thursday nights. No more watching crappy reality shows because nothing else is on. It means the weather is getting cooler. Soon it will be sweater weather and I love wearing sweaters. The colder the temperatures the better. Bring on the snow.

Football season means big pots of chili, pizzas and chips and salsa. NFL Sunday Ticket and the Red Zone channel are the channels of choice even though it costs me a small fortune. But I don’t even consider the price of something that brings me so much pleasure. I just plan on being broke for the next six months while I make the monthly payments on my Directv bill. I figure it could be much worse, I could be addicted to drugs, alcohol or scrapbooking.

The beginning of football season means my heart is full of hope. My team has had camp, new rookies drafted that should be able to contribute to the team and every team starts out with no wins and no losses. Life is good. You won’t see me without a smile on my face for at least the next 2 months (if the Steelers are winning that smile might even continue into February).

To make matters worse, I also love college football. There are weekends in the fall when I rarely move out of my recliner. It is perfectly heavenly.

Speaking of heaven…when I get there they’d better be broadcasting all the games on a big screen or I will be super pissed. I am a football fan for eternity, people!





  1. kden says:

    I just don’t know if we can be friends now, I hate football 🙂 It all stems back to childhood when tv only had 3 channels and on Sundays in the dead of winter that’s all my Dad would watch. He sat in his chair and watched it from the time he got up from the time he went to bed. Even if he fell asleep we were not allowed to touch the tv. He smoked, drank, and watched football. I felt like a captive in my own home. I can’t stand the sound of it. If my husband has his son over to watch Super Bowl they have to go in the basement. I can handle BB and Baseball but Football just gives me the willies. Oh wow, the more I read this the more I realize I could use some therapy.
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    • Chanin says:

      LOL I think you might need to see someone. Not even being able to hear it without freaking out doesn’t sound good at all.
      But I think we can still be friends because we have about the same sense of humor. So don’t give up on me just yet!

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