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Criminals Never Cease To Amaze Me

04/10/2012 by C.

Travis=not smart

Travis Nicolaysen was on the run from the cops but took the time out to update his Facebook page.

One of his friends posted on Travis’ wall, “Cops all over you.” Mr. Nicolaysen responds, “got away thanks bro.”

He is wanted for not checking in with his parole officer since January and for whooping up on his girlfriend in March. If any of you ladies are interested, his Facebook status was recently changed from “in a relationship” to “single”. What a catch this one would be.

The Associated Press interviewed his aunt and of course she runs right away and posts on his wall. “They wanted to know if I thought you talking on facebook while on the run was funny. Hell yes I said, because the keystone cop of clown county couldn’t catch you haha.” No need to wonder why this kid is so screwed up…his whole family is stupid.

I imagine the cops are just waiting for this genius to “check-in” from the local Burger King and then go nab his ass. 

If you have a few minutes, go to this kid’s Facebook page and read some of the comments. His wall is wide open so if the mood strikes you leave him a comment. Just be warned he does have one of those tear drop tats by his eye which supposedly means he has killed someone or maybe he just got it to scare his future roommate in the local jail. It’s only a matter of time Travis…

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