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Death of a Desktop

09/13/2012 by C.

Oh how I miss my computer




I am old school I guess, I just prefer writing on a desktop computer. Well, my computer crashed this week and has left me feeling lost and depressed. Yes, of course I have a laptop but it just isn’t the same. The keyboard is all screwy and when I have it on my lap it sets my thighs on fire from the massive heat being released from the bottom.

There is just something  about sitting at a desk and typing away that I love. I realize I could put the laptop on a table and type but it just doesn’t feel right at all to me.

There was some false hope today. The computer repair shop called and said they had her all fixed up. I was so excited. As I walked in the door the kid came up front and said he had some bad news…she crashed again a few minutes before I arrived.

“I think it is time we pull as much as possible from your hard drive to save it,” he tells me.

Uh oh. This desktop has been with me for six years. My whole life is on that thing and of course I never backed it up. All my writing that I have saved over the years is on there and if it doesn’t successfully come off I will have a meltdown.

I hope she will be returned to me tomorrow and I can get back to writing funny posts for you but right now I am too worried about my computer to be funny. Sad but true.

Time to get off this laptop, I think I have 3rd degree burns on my legs now.








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  1. Kden says:

    God I just hate that. I’m getting better at backing up, but still it sucks. My desktop is in the basement and ever since I got my laptop 3 years ago, I don’t go downstairs much. You need to get one of these. Not sure if this link will work, but do a search for Laptop Kaddy. It adjusts so I sit in my recliner very comfortably. The heat coming off of your computer is not only harmful to your legs but to the computer as it can overheat. It also swivels which is a good feature. The bottom has ridges that dig into my legs while wearing shorts, so I just stick a magazine under it. I really think they’re a must for laptops. Good luck, hope you get your stuff back.
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