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Diets Suck

06/15/2014 by C.






I’ve been on the diet from hell for about a month now. It has been pretty successful in that I have dropped close to twenty-five pounds in that time span. I feel so much better already, it just blows my mind.

My reasons for starting the diet were many…but the main reason was a vacation I will go on in July with my eleven-year-old niece. I didn’t want to be tired and run down and not be able to do the things she wants to do. I don’t want her to have a crappy vacation because of me.  I just couldn’t live with that.

Everyone has been very supportive. I have updated my Happy Pills page with my progress every Monday morning. The positive comments I get inspire me and keep me moving forward. It is really important to have positive feedback because I don’t get much of that at home.

My mother came over one evening to tell me something (I am not sure why she doesn’t call, but whatever).  She asked about my weight loss and I told her all about it…feeling very proud of myself.

She looked at me and said, “You know what would really help you…a breast reduction. Your back would feel so much better and I bet if you would just drop to a C cup, you would lose 20 pounds.”

Isn’t that interesting? If you cut off some body parts you can lose weight.

“Well, while we are at it how about we chop off both my arms…or maybe an arm and a leg. That would make me soooooo much lighter. What a great idea! Why didn’t I think of this sooner?” I replied.

She stared at me for a few moments and finally responded, “smart ass” and got up from the couch and walked out of my house.

I don’t care how much my brain weighs; she won’t be getting that removed. I need it in order to deal with her every day.


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  1. Kim says:

    You are doing one of the most challenging things on earth….I commend you on each and every pound!!! The hardest part really isn’t losing weight, the trick is not killing anyone while doing it! Our mothers mean well, I know this because I too am a mother…mothers feel at liberty to give all types of advice and “insights” in all aspects of life. It really isn’t about your bust size~~~ it could just as easily been about the type of cereal you eat. Mothers need to feel like they are helping their children down any ( all ) paths of life. Embrace your mothers words of wisdom, it’s far too early in life we will ask ourselves…”what would mom have done?” PS…. Get a boob job, your back will feel better! 🙂

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