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Eavesdropping at the Salon

03/09/2013 by C.

Gettin' glam

Gettin’ glam



A few nights ago, I had an appointment to get my hair all fluffed up. The salon was busy that evening and full of women chatting away. One conversation in particular caught my attention…

Woman in chair next to me: “Well, I need to get home and figure out what I am doing for dinner. Jim is out-of-town, so it’s just me.”

Her hair stylist:” Oh, I love when my husband is out-of-town. I can eat whatever I want…no pressure to fix anything. It is funny before I married my husband he would have cereal at night for dinner, now he expects full meals.”

Woman in chair next to me: “ I know…I love when my husband is gone too…I can eat what I want, watch what I want on tv, go to bed when I want, read in bed for as long as I want, I don’t get pestered for sex (massive giggles from every woman in the salon)…so much more relaxing with him gone. Like tonight I will probably just boil some eggs and have a salad. He would never eat anything like that for dinner.”

Her hair stylist: “Sometimes I get so tired of trying to figure out what to feed him so I just come home and say we are having sandwiches for dinner tonight. I will go fix my sandwich and flop down on the couch and he just stares at me like I have set the house on fire. So I say, “What?” He actually says, “Well, aren’t you going to fix one for me?”

I look up at my hairdresser and say, “I am so damn glad I never got married.”

She looks down at me and says, “ And I am so glad my divorce was finalized in February.”






  1. Kden says:

    My husband used to work from 3:00 pm till 2:30 am. My daughter and I loved it, having the place to ourselves all flipping night. He would come home for a quick dinner then be off again. I don’t mind cooking at all, but we just prefer us girls being alone. Now he’s had his ours cut so much that he only works from 10:30 pm till 2:00 am so he’s here until we go to bed. We hate it so much!!!!!! Nice to know I’m not alone in that thinking.
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    • Chanin says:

      You are not alone my friend! This happened on Wednesday night and I had dinner with friends on Thursday night. One of my friends came in and said, “My husband actually called me and asked me what was he supposed to do about dinner since I was going out? I told him his dinner is in a purple container in the fridge. Can you believe that?” I just started laughing and knew then I had to write about the conversation from the night before.

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