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02/17/2013 by C.

I just want to say I am so mad at all of you that encouraged me to try to get on the show, “My Strange Addiction” after the producers approached me to appear on the show with my ketchup addiction.  *click the link to read all about my problem in case you missed it*

Last night I just happened to have a few episodes of the new season on the DVR so I thought I would watch. The first episode was so disgusting I deleted it right after the preview. A woman who licks her cats. Seriously, gives her damn cats a bath WITH HER TONGUE ! I was gagging thinking about it so I had to move on to the next episode.

The next episode is of Mark and his blow up pool float addiction. Yea, you heard me. He is making out with a blow up whale and is totally in love with a blow up dragon. He talks to them, people. My eyeballs were popping out of my head watching this fruitcake in action. I wanted to stop watching it but I couldn’t. I am not sure what that says about me exactly but I am sure it’s not a good thing.

So, I am sharing a small part of Mark’s episode so you all can see what you almost got me into. They would have had me making out and God only knows what else, with a Heinz ketchup bottle on national television.

Y’all are on my shit list for real. Just watch this lunatic in action. When you see him with a pool toy, imagine me with my ketchup bottle.

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  1. Kden says:

    I’m sorry, but I’m laughing too hard to leave a comment right now.
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