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Freddie the Phone Seller

09/20/2012 by C.

Isn’t she beautiful?



I have been counting down the days to get a new cell phone. My smart phone has been very dumb lately. It says the memory is full and I have to delete apps to get the phone just to do basic functions. I am sick of it and ready to get the glorious Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Monday I called into a cell phone store to make sure they would have a white one for on Friday when my plan can be extended.

A man with a thick Indian accent answered the phone.

“Hallo dees es Freddie. How may I help ju?”

“Freddie, I need a Samsung Galaxy III in white on Friday. Do you have any in stock?”

“Jess ve do but not verry meny. I vill hold for ju.”

“Great. Thanks Freddie. I will see you around 1:30 on Friday.”

Freddie calls me back 10 minutes later…whispering in the phone.

“Dees es Freddie. I em hiding da phone in my locker. Ju MUS leesten…ju MUS come before 12:30 Friday.”

“Ok, Freddie…no problem I can come in before 12:30. Thank you, I really appreciate that. See you Friday.”

Ok, I realize tomorrow just happens to be the same day the iPhone 5 is released and things will be a little nuts in there but the phone I want has been out since May. Why in the world is he stuffing it in his locker until Friday??

Freddie offers the best customer service ever. He will receive a tip and a letter to his employer (of course not telling him he stashes phones in his locker…just that he is very awesome at his job).

I am not sure what I am more excited about…meeting Freddie or getting a new phone.


  1. Grumpy says:

    Does your phone provider work out of the trunk of his car?
    Grumpy recently posted..It’s A Free CountryMy Profile

    • Chanin says:

      LOL no, this is a real store. I can’t mention the name of the carrier because I would hate to get Freddie in trouble.

  2. alice says:

    You make me laugh so hard!

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