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Friends We Never Met

05/04/2012 by C.

My keyboard has a Grumpy button!

I have been horribly busy the past few days going over Kentucky Derby stats. Chances are I won’t make my final decision until just about race time so Grumpy was kind enough to fill in for me.

I love what he wrote. He is my buddy although we have never met in person. We send each other text messages (usually about the Steelers) and we give each other grief on our Facebook pages. He is a great guy and I cannot wait to meet him someday!

So, here is my friend Grumpy/Stu…enjoy! Check out his blog sometime…

Friends We Never Met
By Grumpy
Change of pace today folks.  Chanin, the owner of this blog and whose musings you’re accustomed to finding here, needed a day off.  I don’t know what she’s doing, probably watching the recent NFL Draft on her DVR or breaking down film of players for next year’s draft.  She’s sort of obsessed that way.  Anyway, she was kind enough to invite me to sit in while she’s away.  Kind of a leap of faith if you think about it; she’s giving me her space to say anything I want.  I could be a total embarrassment, offend her regular readers and leave her a mess to clean up.  I’ll try my best not to do that.
Here’s some of what I know about Chanin:  She’s a positive person, she loves Oreos, she loves pizza, she loves Walgreens and she loves the Pittsburgh Steelers.  When her hometown was struck by a devastating tornado, she spent countless hours organizing help for those who needed it, soliciting donations for people who had lost everything.  She won’t tell you that herself, so I will.  She is a good person, the kind of person you would be proud to call your friend.
I think of Chanin as my friend.  Here’s the thing though; we have never met.  I don’t even remember how we found each other, probably one of us blindly finding the other’s blog.  I love Oreos, pizza and the Steelers; we have that in common.  I’m more of a “glass half empty” kind of person and Walgreens is where I pick up my prescriptions.
You’re probably asking yourself if I’m going anywhere with this.  Actually, I am.  Before the Internet, neither of us would know the other existed.  But technology connected us.  Not just us either.  Through blogging, I’ve made “friends” in Spokane, WA, Norman, OK, Columbus, OH and Olympia, WA.   By extension, I’ve “met” some of their friends.  Now many of us are also connected by Facebook.  If you had told me just 10 years ago that any of this would be possible I would have laughed at you.  
Will Chanin and I ever meet in person?  I don’t know.  I hope so.  A bright, sunny October day in an NFL stadium watching the Steelers kick somebody’s ass would be perfect.


  1. Grumpy says:

    My money is on Hansen.

  2. bill says:

    Surprise of surprises. I just this minute tracked the lady down and what do I find. This reminds me of my army days, wherever I went somewhere, somebody had already been there, there was a sign telling me so, 'Kilroy was here." What can I say? You've got some good friends and a friend of yours is a friend, etc, etc. I feel certain the lady will not be embarrassed by what you said 'cause she knows you mean it. I'll add my own seal of approval to it, not that doing so means a hill of beans. What I'm curious about now, am I also going to find you next door?

  3. Chanin Bissinger says:

    I don't like Hansen's post position, Grumpy. Doing a strong lean towards Union Rags at the moment but the night is young…

    Hey Bill—thanks for following…I really appreciate it. Not sure about the "next door" comment or I would respond (inside joke with Grumpy?).

  4. Grumpy says:

    I think he means he was surprised to find me here and is he going to find me at the next place he visits? Does sort of validate my point about the internet being a small world. You should follow his blog; he's had an interesting life and tells great stories about his life and also comments on current events.

  5. kden says:

    Great, I just become a a follower and the first post I have to read is Grumpy's, LOL. I just don't get enough of him on FB and his own blog. And by Bill showing up, just proves his point. That we are connected, even though we have never met. I mentioned on another blog that I feel priviledged to live in this time of technology where we can make friends across the miles. It has enriched my boring life so much and helps me feel connected to people. And although I may never meet them, I feel closer to them than many that I see everyday.

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