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Getting My Game On!

08/18/2013 by C.

Game on, beyotches!

Game on, beyotches!





I had read bits and pieces of this diet book, but recently went back to it and read a little more. Then came the brilliant idea of doing this with my co-workers. I am a horribly competitive person…if there was any diet in the world that would work for me, it would have to be this one.

After approaching some of them and coming up with a worthy prize for the winning team, we drew names. Team Flabby had four members including myself, versus Team Tubby with their four members. We were to start the following Monday.

This diet has a bunch of rules. Every meal must have food from an approved list that consist of a carb, a protein and a healthy fat. Green veggies are unlimited. Fruits count as carbs. You must drink three liters of water per day (which we quickly changed to two liters per day so we wouldn’t spend the whole day in the bathroom). An easy one for me is getting seven hours or more of sleep. When you do each of these things you get points. Each person has a score sheet they are in charge of keeping and turning in once a week.

The first day, Team Tubby fired one of their members because he ordered a pizza for lunch. It was exciting to see everyone taking it so seriously. Since you do an average score of your members, the teams don’t have to be even, so we continued.

After the first week two more people dropped out. I lost 2.8 lbs the first week and was pretty happy with that. The diet does take some serious meal planning, but it is certainly manageable.

But here is the best part of all of this…the five of us that are left are helping each other. We have become like one big team rooting for each other. We share recipe ideas and encourage each other to keep filling up our water glasses. It is pretty amazing that as a group after the first week we lost a total of 19 pounds.

Considering it only takes 21 days to form a new habit and we are in this competition for four weeks, I am hopeful that this will stick and become a way of life for me. I’m not going to lie, I sure do miss sugar. But it is getting easier every single day. Pretty soon, I bet my ice cream cravings will go away. Yea, right.





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