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Grammys with a Granny

02/14/2013 by C.

And the Grammy goes to...

And the Grammy goes to…




I love watching the Grammy Awards. Music is one of my most favorite things in the world and nothing gives me more pleasure than to watch all of these incredible musicians dress up and come out to jam. Bruno Mars with Sting was one of my favorite performances of the night. Overall, I think it was one of the better Grammy shows I have seen in years.

The evening after the show I stopped by my Mom’s house. We had a little chat about the Grammy Awards.

Mom: I really enjoyed the Grammys last night. There were several groups I had never heard of but I really like them now.

Me: Like whom?

Mom: Well, Munford and Sons…they were really good. That lead singer, Munford, I guess…he looks a lot like Tim Tebow. Oh, and the group that got rained on…what is their name?

Me: Fun. Mom, it’s Mumford and Sons.

Mom: Oh,ok. There is one more…I just can’t think of their name.

Me: What did they look like? Or hum the song, I will help you figure it out.

Mom: It was something like, “Hey ho!” The lead singer had his microphone pointed up high and when he had his mouth open he looked like he was ready to catch a grape in his mouth. It was weird, but I liked their song.

Holy crap, she is right!

Holy crap, she is right!

Me: They are The Lumineers.

Mom: That’s right…I knew their name started with an L. Is that a song about soliciting a prostitute? I would hate to tell people I like that song if that’s what it’s about.

Me: Wow, it’s getting late. I better head home.

I can’t wait to report on all her comments after our annual Academy Awards party. Of course, if she reads this and gets crabby (like she normally does when I blog about the things she says) I might have to watch it alone.




  1. Kden says:

    Now you can enjoy the weekend knowing that I was able to comment. I also enjoyed the Grammy’s but one of the main things we wanted to see was Adele singing Skyfall. Daughter set the dvr but not long enough so we missed it. My mom is hooked on the Lumineers so I got her a cd for Christmas; Hey Ho!
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    • Chanin says:

      I cannot believe I was able to fix the comments. Yea!
      Well, if Adele performed I missed it too.
      Your mom likes the Lumineers too??? That is crazy lol.

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