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Harvard Baseball Rules

05/10/2012 by C.

Let me come clean. This little song is growing on me. Carly Rae Jepsen is her name and “Call Me Maybe” is being played just about as much as Bieber these days. I saw this video and just had to share. It makes me laugh. These boys must spend way too much time on buses.



  1. Grumpy says:

    Their teammates in the other vans have to be so jealous. That was great.

  2. kden says:

    I loved that! I don't know how they all kept a straight face. And I believe the H stands for Hotties!

  3. nu G says:

    I agree….H is for Hotties!!! I need to fix my daughter up with one of these adorable Harvard Hotties…that obviously have the "moves!" Lol.

  4. Chanin Bissinger says:

    Yes, they are pretty cute. I did notice another van behind them Grumpy…I am sure those guys are pretty crabby. Last I looked the video had over a million views.

  5. Grumpy says:

    There has to be at least two more vans; not enough guys in that one van to play a game.

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