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I Am An Idiot Part 3,756

04/19/2014 by C.

Looks awkward, but helps you get a deep and rested sleep.

Looks awkward, but helps you get a deep and rested sleep.






I was put on a sleep apnea machine about three years ago. In those three years, I have seen my doctor three times.  Once a year he reads the card I bring in from the machine and makes adjustments if necessary.


Last week I had an appointment.  I cannot describe to you how much better this machine makes me feel, so typically I am in a great mood when I see him. Not a soul in the waiting room, it didn’t take long to be escorted to the back.

He slowly opens the door and walks in.  Being over eager and happy to be there, I said “Hello Dr. Blake!”

Dr. Blake looked at me as if I were on huge amounts of drugs.  Then he slowly smiled and said, “Hello”.  He asked me a few questions about how things were going with my machine and then wrote a prescription for two more years of parts for the machine.  As we walked out he said, “See you in two years.”

I paid the woman my co-pay in cash and rushed to meet some friends for lunch.  It wasn’t until late that night, when I took the appointment card out of my pocket that I realized why he looked at me so funny.

His name is Dr. Little.


  1. Michelle says:

    Well, his first name is Blake. I really enjoyed working with him when he was at Freeman.

  2. Kim says:

    Don’t worry….He probably gets called all kinds of different names!

  3. Sarah says:

    Hi! I came across your picture while looking for a new cpap mask. What is the name of the one you are using in this picture? It looks like one that may finally work for me! Thanks!

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