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I Lived Below the Line

05/10/2013 by C.

Raising awareness of extreme poverty

Raising awareness of extreme poverty







I heard about Living Below the Line on the internet a few weeks before it was to start. The challenge to eat only $7.50 worth of food in 5 days and not more than $1.50 in any one day, as a way to bring awareness to all the extreme poverty in the world.

My first thought after reading the rules was I would never make it 5 days on only tap water. I am addicted to Coke big time.

After talking it over with a co-worker we decided to do it. It was easier to do as a pair because we could pool our money to buy more and split it (all within the rules).

We only managed to raise $30 for the cause but in the process I learned so many things.

1. I eat way too much.

2. I waste so much of the food that I purchase at the store.

3. Going to bed hungry is a horrible feeling. It is so sad to think about all the people in the world that suffer through this each and every day.

4. Brand names are all a bunch of BS. I ate a generic pasta sauce that was really wonderful, same for the peanut butter. In the future I will be eating less brand name things.

5. When you are hungry it is extremely difficult to focus on anything. Being at work that week was torture and I am sure I was not much fun for my co-workers to deal with those 5 days.

We lost a combined 17 lbs during that week. That was really not expected at all.

The message was loud and clear to us…being hungry is a horrible thing and we need to do something about it. I highly recommend people to try this next year when they do it again and try to raise money for a charity that will feed a bunch of people with your donations.

You can still donate to our team until the end of May if you would like to contribute. Click the link and donate to Team Unimark. We would really appreciate it.

Or take a little money or a few canned goods to one of your local charities that help feed the hungry. People should not be starving in this great country of ours. Help out where you can and make a difference.




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