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Life is a Bitch Then You Die, Live and Die Again

06/25/2011 by C.

Fagliyu Mukametzyanova, 49, had died of an apparent heart attack. She collapsed in her home with chest pains and was pronounced dead by doctors in Russia.

Later in the day, they held the funeral for Fagliyu. Apparently, the Russians aren’t into embalming. The mourners were passing by her coffin when she suddenly woke up, realized what was going on and started screaming. 

She lived approximately 12 more minutes and then died again from the shock of being in a coffin with people praying over her soul. 

Her husband is a bit crabby and wants the doctors that pronounced her dead to do some explaining.  “She wasn’t dead when they said she was and they could have saved her.” Poor guy. 

At times I have thought it would be cool to get to watch your own funeral. Being able to see just who really misses you and the ones that cannot wait to pilfer through your belongings to sell them on Ebay. After reading about poor Fagliyu I think I may have changed my mind. Can you imagine waking up and realizing what was going on?? I would be really scared but then start to realize…hey I am alive! And then die again. What a downer from my miraculous resurrection. 

I would imagine the doctors in that town were busy that evening with other heart failures. Those mourners probably thought she was some sort of zombie coming to drag them all into the grave. I know for sure I would have hit the doors and not stopped running until I made it safely to Finland. 

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  1. Grumpy says:

    Imagine if she had chosen to be cremated.

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