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May the Force Be With His Attorney

02/02/2012 by C.

Back in December, David Allen Canterbury was arrested in a Toys R Us for attacking customers with toy lightsabers. Yea, like the ones from “Star Wars”.

One of the customers called the police and reported a man inside the store swinging lightsabers at customers. The police found Canterbury in the parking lot and attempted to approach him. Crazy Canterbury just kept swinging those lightsabers around. The police were afraid of being hit by a piece of plastic so they tried to taser the man. Excessive force maybe?

Here is the best part though…Canterbury blocked one of the taser wires with his toy lightsaber. Me thinks the Force is strong with this one. You know the guy was thinking, “Holy crap! I must be a real Jedi! Where the hell is Yoda?”

Needless to say he was hauled off to jail being charged with assault, disorderly conduct, theft (I guess he didn’t come walking into the store with those lightsabers), resisting arrest and interfering with a police officer.

This just goes to show you cannot do meth/drink/smoke pot (or whatever else he could have been on) and go to Toys R Us.


  1. Grumpy says:

    I always get high before going to Toys Backwards R Us.

  2. Chanin Bissinger says:

    LOL good to know.

  3. TheNextMartha says:

    This story rocks hard. And now I have a sudden urge to hit the brownies and then shop for toys.

  4. Chanin Bissinger says:

    Well, I hope you have more success than Mr. Canterbury did. May the Force be with you!

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