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Memories Of "Only The Best Darn Mom In The Whole Wide World"

05/13/2012 by C.

I look real thrilled to have a sister huh??

As part of her Mother’s Day gift, I asked my mom to write a blog post and I would put it on here no matter what embarrassing stories she might tell. As much as it pains me to release stories about my imaginary friends, I will keep my promise. Happy Mother’s Day to all you ladies out there!

Mom Memories—

I may have overstated my afore mentioned title, but when you’ve raised the greatest two women in the world, it’s hard to be humble.
I was asked if I have any special memories of my girls. Are you joking? Of course I do and I need to tell you before I suffer another memory lapse.
My first born, my wonder child, my little sunshine, the apple of my critical eye, the joy of my life, my little genius (Are you getting the picture?) was my Chanin Bohannin. Nicknamed by her maternal Grandpa.
By the time Chan turned 3 years old, I finally realized she was possibly a little on the lonely side since she was still an only child. This came to my attention when I heard her playing alone in her room and she was having a conversation with her cousin, “Ike-Ike”. You see Chan lived in Tennessee and Ike-Ike lived in Oklahoma. I thought we live in an older neighborhood-all our friends were older with much older children and she was still an only child. This is just a phase I thought.
After a few months passed, she concocted an invisible puppy. Puppy went with us everywhere riding in Chan’s pocket. Puppy (which was the puppy’s name) became a very important part of our family. He was fed, brushed, walked and played with everyday for months.
A few more months passed and Puppy was still there, but a new “friend” came on the scene. Chan was playing in her room on a cold rainy morning and again I heard her side of a full-blown conversation. When I asked if she was talking to Puppy or Ike-Ike, she said, “No. I have a new friend…Fat Albert.”
So I asked her, “Where is Fat Albert because I don’t see him?”
She informed me that Fat Albert was hiding because he only wanted her, Puppy and Ike-Ike to be his friend.
“Mom you are too old to be friends with Fat Albert,” she said.
Fat Albert was with us for another year when Chan was presented with her beautiful baby sister, Brennen. Since Chanin had demanded a baby brother, Baby Brennen was not accepted in that lovely southern lady-like manner I had expected Chan to display. Chanin suddenly started behaving like “The Bad Seed.”
You may wonder, “Are your daughters close now?” Well, of course. Chanin finally grew out of all that nonsense. Of course that was after years of therapy for both of the girls. You know what they say-“It’s always the mother’s fault”.
Love you Chanin and Brennen more than you will ever realize.
Happy Mother’s Day to Me!!!!!


  1. Grumpy says:

    Well, that explains a lot.

  2. bill says:

    You got a nerve. No way would I turn the mike over to my mother. I love her truly but now that she's gone, there's things just me and the good Lord know about, and they better stay that way.

  3. kden says:

    That was really sweet! My mom doesn't even know I have a blog so I guess I won't be hearing any sweet words from her. Lucky you!

  4. Chanin Bissinger says:

    LOL my mom is cool. Her crazy stories are much better than mine. I would encourage her to start her own blog but she refuses to turn on the laptop we bought her for Christmas. Very anti-technology.

  5. Shel says:

    …how can someone who was being groomed as a ‘southern lady’ want to wear pajama jeans to her future red carpet event?. Don’t worry my Mom dressed me in lil dresses til I was allowed a say. I still hear about the brown felt wide brimmed hat I insisted on wearing to my aunt’s wedding when I was little…I was just being ‘proper English’ w/what I had to work with at the time.

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