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More Random Acts of Kindness

08/07/2012 by C.

Nothing like a free cold refreshing soda on a Monday.

My first act of the week was to leave enough money taped to the vending machine so that someone would enjoy a free pop.

“Thanks for the pop money, Chanin! You must have known I was broke this week,” Stephanie said.

“Um, you are not supposed to know it is me doing it,” I replied.

“Oh well, it was your handwriting, ” she replied.

Mental note to self…no more handwritten notes with these acts unless it is for a complete stranger.

My next task was to leave a nice note/thank you card with $10 in it for the lady that delivers my mail. It is freaking hot outside and it must really be a crappy job to work in this heat. Should make her smile I hope.

Today I did something that I don’t really want to discuss because I don’t want anyone to figure out it was me that did it. So just trust me…I did something that counts and hopefully it was well received.

Three down…35 more to go. I hope I get this finished before I turn 42.

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