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My Justin Timberlake Experience

11/22/2013 by C.

I would say chicken flavor



Once upon a time there was a young man in a boy band and he had hair like ramen noodles.





He had success in his boy band and that led to a solo career. He decided to shave that nasty hair and bring sexy back.


Oh yea...

Oh yea…



We said in unison, “Oh yes, we likey!”




Then he made appearances on Saturday Night Live as a host and musical guest.

Dick in a box!

Dick in a box!



And we said, “Damn, this guy can act AND sing.”





Nice tats

Nice tats



So they started putting him in movies.





Oh my!

Oh my!



He was in several movies and life was grand. But he missed the music and got in his suit and tie for us, slicking back his hair and looking all suave and shit. And we said, “Holy Mother of God!”

You will have to tune in a little longer for the ending of the JT story. I am sure he has more tricks up his heavily starched sleeves. Until then, let me tell you what a great time I had with him last night…


I got to see JT in concert. Simply put, it was amazing. The stage that he danced on moved over the top of the audience which was really cool. Each end has a portion that has a mini-stair case so he can climb higher up into the arena. This was really awesome because of course I was up in the cheap seats (although not so cheap…$110 per ticket).

He spotted me in the crowd right away. He pointed at me and next thing I know two very scary, large men were escorting me downstairs and eventually behind the stage. One of the many times he popped underneath the stage, he ran over to talk to me and said, “I saw you out there in the crowd in that stunning chili-stained Chicago Cubs sweatshirt, with that adorable rosacea marked face and wind-tossed hair and I said to myself, “Justin, you need to know this girl. And here you are.” He winks, kisses my hand and runs back out on stage.

I thought to myself, “this is a married man. What am I doing?” Drool began to run down the side of my mouth from the pure excitement of an evening with Justin. I was working quickly to remove the drool from my face before he came back when I heard an annoying buzzing sound going off in my ear. I thought it was part of the show, but no, it was my alarm clock waking me up from Justin heaven. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…it was just a dream.

The drool was real. Very real. That’s right, I’m bringing sexy back.



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  1. Kim says:

    Your dream sounds awesome! I really enjoyed his concert too…it was quite an evening of sexy!!!

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