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Never Leaving Home Again

06/07/2013 by C.

Love it!

Love it!






I never want to leave my house again. Ever.

Typically, I have always been a home body but it has gotten much worse lately with a few new additions to my home. Family and friends tend to think I am a tightwad because I buy things used or at Black Friday sales, but I really am not tight at all. I just like trying to get better deals on things so I have more money to spread around on other things I want.

Until a few months ago, all the furniture in my house was used. Most of it was bought at auctions, garage sales or on Craigslist. The last time I had a new set of living room furniture was when I was a 20-year-old buying my first house. I used that set until it completely wore out and replaced it with 2 non-matching loveseats bought at an auction. One day it just hit me. I am 41-years-old, I will never have children and it is highly unlikely I will ever get married. I am on my own and mostly just have myself to depend on. It was time to get my crap together and act like an adult instead of a poor college student.

After a few months of purchases and some work, I have a home I am now proud of and extremely happy in. Who knew what a difference some furniture could make? All brand new by the way.

But there is one purchase made in the past few weeks that has really done me in. I bought a Smart 3D television. I have turned my dining room into a den and this new TV is in there. Honestly, I had never seen a 3D TV in action before but have been to plenty of 3D movies. I knew it was cool but really wasn’t sure what to expect from a TV. Every TV I buy from now on will be smart and have 3D. This is the best thing ever. I hate NASCAR but I watched a special that was in 3D with a buddy and we were screaming at the top of our lungs when a tire went flying off a car and shot straight for our heads.  It was simply, spectacular.

So between being able to push a button and watch all the Netflix and Amazon content I want on a big screen, pulling up HBO on Demand and the 3D programming, I am never leaving again other than going to work. If you want me to attend a function…party, concert or family holiday, I will have to be paid. Celebrities charge people to show up at clubs and restaurants all the time and so shall I. So if you need me somewhere, text me what you will pay and I will get with my agent, Mr. Vizio. But don’t get your hopes up.


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