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Oui Oui Monsieur

03/02/2012 by C.

Google is being sued by a Frenchman for having his picture taken by one of their Street View cameras. The man just happened to urinating in his driveway. Although they blurred out the man’s face in the photo, he says he has been recognized and has become the laughing stock of his village.
The man is demanding the photo be removed and he would also like around $13,300 in damages.
Damages for what? You are the ding-dong that decided to piss in your front yard.
It could have been so much worse than this. He could have been fondling himself or someone else, he could have been totally naked or wearing his wife’s dress and heels while waxing his car.
There is no explanation given for why he just decided to relieve himself in the front yard but we all know why he did it. Because he can. 

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