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Pinterest Is Life Changing

11/16/2012 by C.

I am constantly encouraging others to get on Pinterest because it is life changing. Instead of asking for more information I usually get nothing but eyes being rolled at me. Well, that is their loss. I am here to tell you it does change your life. You are inspired to start DIY projects, remodel your home and cook up crock pot recipes galore.

The only way to prove how Pinterest has changed my life is to show you all what I have done since joining Pinterest.

This was my home. Nothing fancy, but it was home sweet home. It obviously was in need of some work. Just about every time I set foot on the porch a board would break and my leg would fall through. The windows were drafty and I was heading out to Wal-Mart to purchase some tinfoil to cover them when someone told me about Pinterest.

Love when rain hits that tin roof.

Now, please keep in mind the changes did not happen overnight. I have been on Pinterest for over two years now and have worked on improving my home this whole time.

I do good work.

This is my new living room. I miss the tin roof but it is nice to no longer need a dozen buckets when it rains. Although, I did save lots of money on bath water.

Let’s move on to the kitchen.

I make lots of Bagel Bites in here.

I really don’t spend too much time in here. I had a chef come in occasionally but that didn’t work out. He was always fixing weird shit instead of pizza and hot dogs.

This is what he fixed for my first meal.That is like half of an appetizer if it was appetizing enough to eat. I think the green juice is what they give you to clean out your rear end pipes if you know what I mean.

I am not a contestant on Survivor! Bring me some spaghetti!

Speaking of rear pipes, let’s move on to the master bath.

I needed a room whiter than my bare behind.

Most of the rooms in my house are white. Mainly because I don’t trust my house keeper, Rosita. I have caught her lounging around quite a bit watching Telemundo and it is easy to see if she has been cleaning the white rooms instead of plopping down in my recliner neglecting her duties. It is hard to find good help.

It’s time to move on to my favorite room in the house…my bedroom.

Meet Ted and Sarah

Oh, sorry. Those are my neighbors, Ted and Sarah. They pay me $200 one night a week to sleep in my bed and star-gaze. They are super weird if you couldn’t figure it out but hey, $800 a month pays for a bunch of Bagel Bites and Eggo Waffles. For an extra $100 I serve them donuts in bed and massage their feet.

People ask me where I got all the money to hire help and build such a nice home. They don’t believe Pinterest gave me a bunch of money. The site may not have given me money but the inspiring quotes helped get me moving in the right direction.

So true and inspiring.


But the real way I made money was by making these…

Tails up!

Taxidermied squirrel decanters are apparently hot in Turkmenistan. Those folks must love to drink. Pinterest taught me everything from how to hunt the squirrels, to preparing the body and then turning them into decanters. I can hardly keep up with hunting all the squirrels needed to fill the orders.

So, that is the story of how Pinterest has changed my life for the better. Hopefully, Pinterest can do the same for you.

Now get on out there and start Pinning/Winning!









  1. Grumpy says:

    Hilarious. The best post ever.
    Grumpy recently posted..It’s All BullshitMy Profile

  2. Kden says:

    As if I don’t waste enough time on FB and my blog as it is. My family would never get fed, the dog would not be walked, the house would not be cleaned. Oh wait, I don’t do that stuff anyway, so yea I’m in.
    Kden recently posted..It’s Not Easy……My Profile

  3. Marcia says:

    I have no idea where you come up with some of your blogs but I am addicted to your weird sense of humor. P.S. I still haven’t figured pinterest out!

    • Chanin says:

      LOL thanks Marcia! There is an email address on the front page. Email me the questions you might have about Pinterest and I can try to help you out. Once you have it figured out I know you will love it.

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