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Principal Too Cool For School

01/16/2014 by C.

I'm too sexy for this school...too sexy for this school

I’m too sexy for this school…too sexy for this school





Parenting is hard. I know that and I don’t even have kids. It’s something I had no desire to do…not because it’s hard, but because I would be the worst mom ever and wind up in prison for having my 4-year-old run my meth lab for me while I chilled on the couch in my pjs. *Note to my mother—I do not have a meth lab, this is a joke. Please do not call screaming at me*

As a non-parent, I still vote to have my taxes raised whenever they have something on the ballot that has to do with education. My reasoning is simple. These precious little children will be running our government one of these days and I would prefer they be as educated as possible while doing that. Our school systems struggle enough as is and we have enough dumb asses in this world already.

Here is a prime example.

Marcella Sills is principal of PS 106 in Queens, NY. A challenging job, I am sure if someone were to take it seriously. Ms. Sills doesn’t. Her school has been nicknamed the “School of No” because they have no gym, no books, no art programs and parts of their facility smell like “animal urine”. When a teacher is absent the students are split up between all the teachers instead of calling in a sub. She rarely comes to work on time, wears fur coats, short skirts and drives a BMW. Instead of being taught, she has the teachers show the kids movies.

It gets better. A school that is full of children from financially struggling families throws a ball each year for the 5th graders. Each child must contribute $110 in order to have a formal gown or tux rented (by Ms. Sills) to attend the event. What the hell is wrong with this woman???

I guess my main question is how can this have gone on for so long? Ms. Sills has been in charge of this school for nine long years. She is constantly absent or late and truly doesn’t care about educating children.

Thankfully, someone caught on and Ms. Sills is currently under investigation. The investigation started on Monday and it was said it was the first time she had shown up to work on time in years.

Can you tell I am a little crabby about this? Someone should be monitoring schools at all times, not just wait until there is a problem like this that has gone on far too long. Where are the parents? When your kids don’t bring home books from school and you don’t see any progress being made shouldn’t you step up and do something? It could be they are too busy playing on their smart phones to notice much of anything.

The world is turning to shit right before my eyes and though I can’t do much about it, I can write reminders like this one that a child’s education is very important and if you have a child you need to pay close attention to what is going on in the schools. I highly doubt this is the only case like this in our country. So sad, but true.


  1. Grumpy says:

    Where have the teachers been all these years?

    • C. says:

      I read they were extremely scared of the principal. Or maybe they just like watching movies and are equally guilty in this.

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