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Random Acts of Kindness #1, 2 and 3

08/04/2012 by C.

This would have made me smile.







My Acts of Kindness birthday project is off to a slow start. My first act was on Friday morning when I made this cute little sign and hung it on the mirror in the ladies restroom at work. I honestly expected to hear the ladies asking around, trying to figure out who would have hung such a sign in our bathroom, but I heard nothing. I am thinking they either thought the super creepy cleaning man left it for us the night before and had caused the ladies to feel a little grossed out or we have a bunch of ladies that don’t wash their hands after they potty. Another possibility could be they actually read my blog (highly unlikely) and figured out it was me that did it and they thought I could have come up with something better like buying everyone lunch. I have made a whopping $4.65 off this blog thus far, so we would have to split a few dollar menu items between the 30 of us.

My next act happened this morning. My mom is pretty sick and I went to check on her. I told her I was going to the grocery store and asked if she needed anything.

“Chicken broth”, she hoarsely whispered to me.

She feels that if you are under the weather drinking a gallon of chicken broth will cure you completely. When I am sick she stands over me and watches me drink every drop of the chicken broth she has brought over to heal me. I hate that shit.

While wandering around the store, I found a bucket of “Cherry Mash” candy bars. These are her all time favorite treats. So I picked up the gallon of chicken broth and two Cherry Mash bars.




I took all of this to her and when she saw the Cherry Mash bars she got the biggest smile on her face. Mission accomplished!


I went to breakfast at a new restaurant in town. It was very good and our server was superb. Every time she approached the table she had a big smile on her face and was just a sweet young lady.

Our breakfast was $15 and I handed her a $10 bill as her tip. She looked completely shocked. She kept thanking me over and over. You would have thought I had handed her $100 bucks. She even ran back into the kitchen and was showing it to the other waitresses. I honestly didn’t think she would overly thrilled with the money but she was and it was so nice to watch. This was the best reaction so far and made me excited  to do more nice things. I don’t have a photo of her and the $10 because I thought that would probably freak her out.

My birthday started out rough yesterday. I went out to get in the car to head to work and my car would not start. It really just put me in a really bad mood to start the day. Luckily, it was just a dead battery. After getting it jumped I headed to the battery chain where I had bought the last one.

They quickly jumped on my car and the manager came in to ring me up. I start digging for my debit card.

“Oh, we won’t be charging you anything to replace the battery”, he said.

“Why?” I asked.

“You have had the battery two years and four days. Our warranty covers the battery for two years and since it is just barely over, I am going to go ahead and give it to you for free”, he replied.



If you add that ticket up for what it would have cost me you would get $97.95. I really feel it is a sign/reward that I am doing the right thing with these random acts of kindness.

Three down and 38 more to go…




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  1. Grumpy says:

    So you could say that, in essence, the free battery was the universe repaying your kindness. If you believe in that kind of shit.
    Grumpy recently posted..What Do I Have To Do?My Profile

  2. Kden says:

    I think you are off to a great start! I love the sign on the mirror, it would definately make me smile and I might just steal the idea! I do nice things for my mom on occasion too, it keeps them off guard, ha. And cool beans on the free battery; see, what goes around comes around 😉
    Kden recently posted..Another Year Come and GoneMy Profile

    • Chanin says:

      You are more than welcome to use the bathroom sign idea.
      I do nice things for my mom quite frequently but it was weird that I remembered that was her favorite and she was so happy to get them.

  3. alice says:

    Hi you are really funny I read your blog and laughed out loud more than once! Thanks and keep me laughing! Alice

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