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08/27/2012 by C.

Might just burn their hands off.




Back at it again. This past week I started with visiting a park early on a Sunday morning before anyone would be there. I gathered up a bucket of change and scattered it all over the playground for the kids to find. I remember always being thrilled as a kid to find some money on the ground so I think it was probably well received.

The next act was to buy someone’s lunch at a drive-thru. I tried it once at Subway but the woman had an angry face and was giving me dirty looks like it was my fault it was taking 20 minutes. Too bad so sad, Ms Mad Face. So I waited a few days and tried it again. This time it was a normal looking woman and I don’t know what she thought because I had to hustle to get to work but I am sure it at least made her smile.


Last but not least, I bought donuts this past Friday for my co-workers. Now, I had a rough week and had been very stressed so there was a higher level of profanity spewing from my mouth. So, I guess technically it was an apology for all of my bad language. I am counting it anyways. Only 30 more to go!


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  1. D. Duplessis says:

    Okay, the whole leaving spare change in the park for the kids to find is BRILLIANT! And I am sooooo going to do that at my local park this weekend. What a fantastic idea!

    But I’ll be damned if I share donuts with the folks I work with. Just saying, but those Krispy Kremes are MINE ALL MINE
    D. Duplessis recently posted..Don’t Care WANT A CIGARETTE!My Profile

    • Chanin says:

      Thanks David! I thought they might get a kick out of it.
      If you had heard the words I was using last week you probably would have bought all your co-workers a 7 course meal lol.

  2. Kden says:

    Dang, I’ve missed a lot. More great ideas from you! I’ve only got about 3 weeks to go and hauling change to a playground is fantastic. So I better start cleaning out my purse and pockets.

    • Chanin says:

      I am trying to save them up and start posting 10 at a time instead of just 3. This is taking me a very long time for some reason.

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