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Rental Car Parking Lots Confuse Me

07/05/2013 by C.

Love renting cars!

Love renting cars!




My car has had a few issues recently…the brakes are making a little squealing noise and the air stops blowing out cold air after an hour of driving. I needed to drive to Tennessee for a family function and as hot as it has been, the thought of being without air-conditioning on my trip was making me freak out a little. Yes, I suppose I could have scheduled an appointment like a normal person and gotten it fixed, but I was very busy and Mom was out-of-town, so no car to borrow. After searching online, I found a deal on a rental car for the weekend and decided that would be the best way to deal with the problem.

I arrived right on time to pick up my car and asked what they had hooked me up with (I’m not sure why but I always feel like I will get lucky one of these days and they will say, “You’re so awesome, we’re giving you a SUV upgrade at no additional charge!)

“Toyota Camry”, she replied.


We finished up the paperwork and she gave me directions to find my borrowed car. A silver Toyota Camry in the first spot.

I walked out the door and found a silver Toyota Camry parked right up close to the building. There were no signs saying the spot numbers anywhere. I climbed in. My first thought was, “this is the dirtiest rental car I have ever been in.” I suppose that should have been a clue but it was 102 degrees that day and my brain was not functioning in the heat. I slid the seat back as it was pulled up far enough for a 5-year-old to reach the pedals. Then I adjusted the rearview mirror and put the key in the ignition.

It wouldn’t turn.

My slow-moving brain thought this was possibly one of those cars that had a button you have to push while you turn the ignition so I am looking all over the steer shaft for a button to push. I couldn’t find one. It finally hit me that I was possibly in the wrong rental car. I jumped out with the rental agreement to verify the plate number on the back of the car.

Problem solved. The plates didn’t match. I shut the door and moved on down the row of cars to where I found slot #1 (painted on the ground) and a plate that matched the paperwork. Hallelujah!

As I was driving around to exit the parking lot I saw a man who had been sitting in the waiting area, climb into the car I had just been in. I think they should put up signs for visitor parking or something so as not to confuse customer vehicles with rental cars. The man had such a puzzled look on his face when he sat down in his car and had to put the seat back into position.

I was just relieved he wasn’t able to see out his rearview mirror as I drove off behind him. I was laughing hysterically. I almost stole that poor man’s car.








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