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Resolutions Remedy

01/05/2013 by C.

Yea, right.

Yea, right.




I don’t think I have ever kept one single New Years resolution I set for myself. Although, I never do what I set out to, I still write down resolutions every single year knowing I will never stick with it. Well those days are over brothers and sisters! Can I hear an Amen?

I have a few resolutions for 2013 but they are  ones I can actually fulfill and not hate myself so much. Why do we torture ourselves year in and year out with this stuff?

I thought I would share a few of my doable resolutions with you and encourage you to create and share your own with me.

1. I will eat at least 4 bags of Oreos this year.

2. I will gain no less than 3 lbs and no more than 25 lbs this year.

3. I will workout by twirling around more in my office chair. I can only imagine the amount of calories that will burn.

4. I will bathe every single day even if I would prefer to lay on my Coke splattered sofa in my big butt pajamas eating Doritos and cursing out Thomas from Downton Abbey (he is just evil).

5. I will not recycle.

6. I will write at least 2 blog posts a week, but no more than 5 because you all would get sick of me if you aren’t already.

7.  I will eat a fruit OR a vegetable a day.

8. I will spend less than 12 hours on the internet per day (Damn you, Pinterest!)

That should do it. I feel confident I can handle making all of these happen and I will not hate myself four months from now.

I am just about to the 12 hour mark of being on the internet today so I must shut down now. These resolutions might be more difficult than I thought.


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