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Someone Actually Wants to Marry Paris Hilton

07/09/2012 by C.

Paris Hilton rocks my world. Seriously.



Fredrick Denney, 61, barricaded himself in a Hampton Inn this past Saturday threatening to shoot at the police. Belmont, NC had never seen such excitement. The SWAT team came out, the entire 2nd floor shut down and negotiations began.

Money? A getaway car? No, Mr. Denney wanted a pizza and to marry Paris Hilton. He was finally pepper-sprayed and taken to a hospital for mental evaluation.

I don’t think there is any question he is nuts. Why in the world would he want to marry Paris Hilton? I can see wanting a pizza. Stand-offs are hard work, people.

Obviously, Paris did not consent to the marriage. Mainly because Fredrick was staying at a Hampton Inn, a white trash hotel compared to a Hilton.

So it didn’t work out for him with Paris. I would bet the Octomom would marry him in a heartbeat.



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  1. Kden says:

    Paris makes me gag, this guy is definately crazy.

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