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Spam Attack

06/21/2013 by C.

Make it stop!

Make it stop!




The amount of spam I receive is quite ridiculous. I wish I knew what I had bought or signed up for to cause this or maybe it just happens. Watching online porn is not really something I partake in, but I sure get all sorts of offers. If a stranger were to peek inside my spam box they would think I am a kinky hot mess. Some of this stuff I am not even sure what it means. Oh, and of course because I have such a weird name, they think I am a dude which tends to make things much worse. Here are a few examples:

Um, hell no I am not ready for ration lines. I like to eat…if I have to wait in line 5 minutes at the McDonald’s drive-thru I get really pissed off. 

Dear Survivalists,

Do you hear it?

The sound of 16 hooves galloping quickly towards us?

The four horsemen of the food apocalypse are riding and nothing will be left in their wake, unless you prepare for it…

How many times do I have to say it??? Don’t even think of messing with my food, people! My hands are lethal weapons and I will whip your ass and the four horsemen over a package of M&Ms…just try me.  

There are a few that I actually click on to get more information. Like these…

Are you looking for someone to come over just for s-e-x  ?
Well you’re not alone.. Most females these days are down for this arrangement as well..Go Here To Find A Booty call to come over now!!!
Ok, this one I called to lure a man over for sex but when he got here I made him scrape the popcorn off my ceilings. I am no dummy. 

Enlarge your pole with wonder pills

This one I called just to get some magic pills so I have more stamina to do things like clean out my closet and refrigerator. Would never want to waste a good amount of stamina on sex. 



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