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  1. Words with Enemies

    March 10, 2015 by C.

    Don't play with my mom!

      Don’t play with my mom!



    My sister and I bought our mom a smart phone for her birthday in September. Since she is older, we got the Samsung Galaxy Note, thinking with the really large screen she would be able to see it much easier than a normal smart phone.

    She didn’t mess with it too much at first. She’s terrified of all things electronic. Slowly, over the past few months she has gotten more and more brave with it.

    I will admit when she asked me to start downloading games for her to play I was a little skeptical. I gave her “Trivia Crack” first. In the beginning,  she loved it. A week later she informed me she was over it.

    “This game just takes too long. I am constantly waiting for people to take their turn. I deleted it today.”

    She deleted it? Hell, I had no idea she would even begin to know how to delete an app.

    Next up, “Slotmania”.

    “Chanin, they want money from me! It’s asking me to buy coins! I am not putting my credit card information into a phone for shit sake!” And that got deleted as well.

    Then I downloaded, “Candy Crush”. I thought this was it. Every person I know was addicted to it for a small amount of time…even myself. This she will like. She plays alone, no waiting involved and I will be off the hook for finding her a game.

    “This game is just dumb. I don’t care about matching colors. This just won’t be a challenge at all.”

    Oh, how wrong she is about that. There were times when I would have given up a kidney to get past a level on that Candy Crush.

    As a last resort, I downloaded “Words with Friends” for her. She has always been a fan of Scrabble, so I told her it is just like it. I helped her play her first word on the board and left her to it.

    Two days went by and I got a phone call.

    “This woman I’m playing with is cheating! You know how much I hate cheaters!”

    My mind flashed back to a friendly game of Scrabble involving my family and a friend who was in town visiting. She and my mom got into a massive argument over the word, “poi”. My friend told her she couldn’t use it because it was a foreign word and my mom argued back that in fact, it was not. They got out a dictionary and at one point I thought they might come to blows or at least scratch each other’s eyes out. It was UGLY. So ugly, that there is still resentment and anger between them over this one evening of Scrabble.

    Now, you or I would just stop playing with the random online Words with Friends person. But noooooooooooooooooooooo, my mom sends the woman a message telling her she needs to read the rules, because she is not playing correctly. That of course, got the woman all upset and she wrote back saying, ” I have played this game for years and I do not cheat. I know the rules.”

    Later in the afternoon, Mom calls again to tell me they continue to argue about the cheating and pretty soon she might need me to come up with some bail money because she isn’t going to tolerate it much longer.

    Sigh. When is she ever going to grow up?



  2. My Favorite New App

    November 10, 2012 by C.

    How cute is this???



    I ran some errands yesterday on my lunch hour and returned to work with about 20 minutes to kill and I had forgotten to bring a book. What to do with myself? Back to work early? Oh hell no.

    Earlier in the week I had read about a new Angry Birds app that is a “Star Wars” version. I downloaded it from the Google store (for free) and started playing.

    I realized after a few minutes I was giggling and doing fist pumps. In the short amount of time I played it, I had so much fun. I am not sure if this is because I have always been a big “Star Wars” fan or just because I am a dork or possibly both, but I really love this app. It even has R2D2!

    Check it out and let me know what you think…”May the force be with you!”


  3. Ghostbusting

    October 27, 2012 by C.

    Red blips mean business and sometimes play with your hair.




    The Amazon App Store offered up a free app called “Ghost Radar” last week. I have never been much for hunting ghosts because I am the biggest chicken shit ever. The only reason I downloaded it was because it was free and I thought it was a toy.

    Yea, I was wrong about that.

    Turning on the app, I had it in radar mode. Supposedly the spirits show up in colors. Red is the strongest and in my mind means it is near you and could braid your hair if it felt like it. Blue is the weakest. Yellow and green are in the middle.

    The best part of the app is words are spoken that the spirits are trying to communicate to you. You are supposed to ask them questions and try to have conversations but that is taking it to a whole new level that my scaredy-cat self wants no part of.

    I played with it at work first. Everyone was laughing and joking around saying no way it would work. One of my co-workers wanted to have it on his desk to watch the radar. It was on his desk for at least half an hour with absolutely nothing going on. He got up from his desk and went out to the shop. After about 10 minutes he wandered back in and sat down. Just as he sat down at his desk the phone says, “Shop.” We all froze and just stared at the phone. Holy ghost balls, this thing really works!

    Most days I pack my lunch. I sat down to eat in the break room and thought it would be fun to turn it on and see what happened while I was eating. First word… “Brought”. That could just be a coincidence…random word and I am reading into it that I brought my lunch. Next word… “heavy”.

    This piece of shit rude ass ghost was letting me know he thinks I am far too heavy. Ghosts truly have no manners. Is it because they are so mad they are dead or what? I turned it off…I knew the next words coming were “stop…eating…fat…ass”. F*%# you, Casper!

    The radar has been running since I sat down to write this blog. First word…”funny”. At least this ghost is nice enough to compliment my blog and to not mention the pound of M&Ms I just consumed for breakfast.

    Now to explain the next two words that came up, I have to tell you a little back story. I live in a duplex that was originally my grandmother’s. She passed away in the house in 2005 from throat cancer. The next two words were… “throat” and then a few seconds later… “problem”. I had to go to the bathroom to wipe myself and then came back to call my mom. I told her about it and she too feels it was my grandma. She told me a story of a time when she was very ill and asleep on her bed. She felt a weight sit down at the end of the bed. She thought it was my sister and asked her what she was doing. No response. She slowly sat up and there was nothing there. She laid her head back on her pillow and said out loud, “Mom, I am ok.” The weight then lifted off the bed.

    I have always believed in ghosts but this app has taken my belief to a whole new level. The app has around 2100 words stored in its vocabulary. I suppose the words and timing of them could just be a coincidence but I don’t think so.

    If I could just get one of these ghosts to give me some winning Powerball numbers or point me in the direction of a buried treasure I would like hanging out with them so much more. Until then they are kind of creeping me out.