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  1. “World War Z” Freaked Me Out *Spoilers*

    July 12, 2013 by C.

    Hubba hubba

    Hubba hubba






    I went to see “World War Z” last week. As someone who loves zombies, I thought I would really enjoy it…all it did was stress me out.



    This is Brad Pitt. He is pretty even with chunks of glass in his face. He is a super bad ass man and the government needs his help solving the zombie crisis. Brad takes his family and survives long enough for the gov to get a helicopter on a roof to pick them up and whisk them off to a giant ship in the middle of a nowhere ocean (zombies can’t swim). He’s told if he goes back to work for them his family can stay on the safe boat as long as they like, so he goes off to experience zombie hell.

    Brad travels to Israel because they built huge walls before the virus swept the world, so they are protected and Brad needs to know how they found out about the virus before it happened. Brad brings bad luck wherever he goes. Some chick starts singing over a loudspeaker waiting in line to be admitted to the country and of course, zombies love noise. Crazy corpses start climbing over each other to scale up the huge walls.

    Zombie leap frog

    Zombie leap-frog




    They breach the top of the wall and are running all over the place having people snacks. They get Brad out of there but not before the zombies overturn buses and yank down helicopters to get to the humans.



    Greyhound is gonna be pissed about their bus.

    Greyhound is gonna be pissed about their bus.




    This is the part of the movie I really enjoyed because the special effects are pretty amazing.



    Black Hawk Down

    Black Hawk Down



    Brad and his new friend (some military chick that helped him get out of the zombie zone) jump on one of the last planes to get out of the country. They don’t even have any idea where they are going, but it is better than being served up for zombie brunch.



    One of many zombies on the plane

    One of many zombies on the plane



    Just as they start to relax, Brad hears noise in the back of the plane and slowly starts walking in that direction. There are zombies on the plane! If you ask me, this is way worse than Snakes On a Plane. Samuel L Jackson is a wuss. Mayhem arrives from the TV commercials and the side of the plane winds up being cracked open. But somehow Brad survives the plane crash with his military chick.

    In the meantime,  the government thinks Brad is dead and removes his family from the safe boat. They are nice enough to dump them on an island in Nova Scotia though.

    I won’t tell you how it ends because that would just be rude. So go check it out if you would like.

    It did make me feel an urge to start prepping again. The scenes with people going nuts in the grocery store trying to take things as the zombie outbreak was starting, has really made me feel the need to store quadruple the supplies I have now.

    The purchase I have made this week is the Ranger Hawk Axe. Wood chopper on one side and zombie eye poker-outer on the other. I cannot wait for it to arrive.

    My weapon of choice

    My weapon of choice



    So really, I am very thankful that I went to see the movie because I was starting to let my guard down again. It won’t happen again. When this hits the fan, you might want to start making your way to my house.








  2. Christian Grey Revealed

    July 11, 2012 by C.

    Val Kilmer serial killer…not Christian Grey



    Dr. Faye Skelton wanted to get a composite of what Christian Grey looks like to women who have read 50 Shades of Grey. She consulted twelve women to help her with the drawing. They used the faces of various famous dudes like Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, David Beckham and Patrick Dempsey.

    This was not the man I had in mind when I read the book. I don’t know if these women had a ladies night out before their meeting and were half snockered or what. This is a young Val Kilmer. A scary young Val Kilmer.

    I thought long and hard about who should play Christian after I read the first book. Initially I was thinking Matt Bomer. But I have changed my mind. I am voting for Henry Cavill. This is my Christian Grey.

    Hubba Hubba


    Henry has the hair, looks great in a suit and is great with a whip (do not ask me how I know such things).

    I feel sorry for the casting director of this film. No matter who you pick for Christian and Anastasia, many will criticize the choice. Every woman in the world has a picture of Christian in her head and one of Anastasia for that matter. You just can’t please everyone.

    Give me some feedback. Who is your Christian and Anastasia?

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