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  1. Meet Leandra Tuggle

    March 16, 2015 by C.

    Children playing

    Children playing


    Last week at my Writers Guild meeting, one young lady shared some of her poetry with us and I was just blown away by her talent. She had been coming to the meetings for several months and had never shared anything before. Her poem about her future children gave me goosebumps. I have never been a big fan of poetry but I like this work a bunch.


    Leandra agreed to let me share some of her work here on my page and what an honor that is for me. So please enjoy some real writing for once on this blog…Ladies and Gentlemen, a few works by Leandra Tuggle.


    “My Children”

    I wait for them.  My children
    for whom I dream and have dreamt.
    I soothe their sorrows with batches of
    imagined kisses and uneaten cookies.
    I talk to them – about their day, their teachers and friends;
    unanswered questions whispered into a metal whisk.
    I imagine chaotic mornings searching for lost
    socks and mittens and scurrying out the door in a flash.
    When I close my eyes as I close my door,
    I can almost hear them calling for me.

    And their names – oh their names – I have spent years
    searching for the perfect name.  I fall in love with
    characters and crayons and strangers and streets whose
    names resonate life and color. I draw them out on pieces of paper
    in hopes to find the perfect shade for
    the shades of myself.

    Eleanor ask me where I found her name and I tell
    her I never found it, it found me. Like the hidden book in
    a neglected library whose dusty jacket stands out amongst the rest;
    a name possessed by tradition and honor.

    Little Liam tells me that his name is too girly, but I tell
    him that his name reminded me of green meadows and deep
    forests – where only an adventurer could live.

    And my precious Evangeline, or Evie as I whisper to her as I carry
    her to bed; her dark hair and light eyes needed a name as
    beautiful – my heavenly angel, my shooting star.

    I remember all the other contenders: Avery and Holden and
    Lydia and Lincoln.  They’re still in the back of my mind playing with
    blocks or crudely coloring in the shapes of bears and dinosaurs.

    As I fall asleep, I hold my breath so I can hear their reassuring
    snores and imagine what they are dreaming: juice boxes and
    squeaky swings and faraway castles and talking dragons.
    And in the morning, I imagine waking to their peering eyes rather
    than those of the  inconsiderate sun, who fails to give me even just a
    few more minutes to play and talk and laugh and hold them
    in my dreams.




    I lay here;

    the cottage cheese bed folding in around me

    like the shameful palms pursed around a pleading prayer.

    I stare at the bedside table.

    It rests like a forgotten child used only for the neglected flowers that

    I claim that you gave me.


    The woman with the flower cart had a lazy eye

    and she sang the saddest song.

    Of the hills of Czechoslovakia (or

    another country I only pretend to know exists)

    and as she sang this song

    Your face was everywhere.

    In the driver of the parked taxicab.

    In the reflection of a window.

    In the murky puddle beneath my feet.

    And I felt sorry for myself

    But sorrier for the

    lazy-eyed lady

    and all her

    lazy-eyed children, so I bought the



    Now when I stare at them, your

    eyes look up from every petal,

    and I feel sick.

    So I rest my cheek upon the cool nakedness of the pillow

    while a bouquet of tears collect beneath my chin.



    There was me and you and the moonlight.  We existed

    in threes.  Our wholes divided and melded into one.

    Your hands were my hands.  My heart yours too.  Even

    the moon took the same shape as your eyes, they staring

    at me staring at you.


    I wish we could’ve stayed there forever.  The world stopping

    for one goddamn moment so that I could breathe you into me

    I want to create a hole in the world the shape of us and

    never escape.  The world can keep turning, keep bleeding, but

    you and me will rise above it               below it            between it.


    That night will always bring me joy.  In my old age, my

    abandoned mind will return to that moment.  The nurses will feed me

    pills and pears and pillows and I’ll go on babbling about how soft the

    blades of your shoulders felt poured into my palms and the tickle of

    your stubble on my knee.


    And that fucking moonlight – that blinds me from everything that

    I once thought was important, real.


    For more information on Leandra Tuggle please seek her out here:

  2. Apparently Chasing Kids with Chainsaw is Illegal

    June 14, 2013 by C.

    Lynn Herzog

    Lynn Herzog





    Lynn Marie Herzog, of Winfield, MO was arrested and charged with felony harassment last week. What’s her crime? No, not her nasty case of Rosacea…Lynn was chasing kids with a chainsaw while wearing a ski mask (I feel the mask was to hide her Rosacea so not to cause the children to have horrific nightmares).

    It is unknown why she took the chainsaw after the kids. The mother of one of the boys said she never felt like the kid’s lives were in danger as the chainsaw was not running (I am a little disappointed in you, Lynn).

    The mother, Patricia Manker, and another neighbor reported that the woman has been seen photographing and video- taping the kids in the neighborhood.  That part is more disturbing to me than her chasing them with a chainsaw.

    Recently, I had a similar situation. There were children from the neighborhood playing between my house and the next door neighbor’s (about 6 ft. between the two houses). I could hear a baseball whacking the vinyl siding and knew I should get up and go out to shut them down but I was in the middle of writing in my office and was just irritated. The window in my office overlooks this area of the yard. I turned my computer speakers around and pulled up Spotify to play chainsaw noises as loud as they could possibly play. I then quickly switched to screaming sounds. Then I hit pause and listened.

    “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, did you hear that???” one said.

    “What is going on in there?” asked another.

    “Let’s get out of here I am freaking out!” said another.

    And off they ran as fast as their little trespassing legs could carry them. I hope they come back again and throw their ball over my fence and I can laugh and laugh as they wet themselves from fear of having to ring my doorbell to retrieve it. Lynn Herzog and I are the same person…I just don’t own a chainsaw.


  3. Study Reveals Plants Can Talk

    June 1, 2013 by C.

    I cannot imagine raising this many.

    I cannot imagine raising this many.









    A new study out states plants can communicate with each other via underground fungi. The plants warn each other about incoming insect attacks. Researchers are very excited about this because they think farms could put this to use by planting a sacrificial plant kept further away from the other crops, if it were attacked the plant would then warn the other plants, giving them more time to prepare.

    All these scientists had to do was ask me. I have known this for several months now. Since I have not raised any children and have no animals to care for, I decided I would raise houseplants. I am sure you think this doesn’t compare to the responsibility of children but you are so wrong.

    The plants have to be watered and fed. If you do either just a little too much, they die. I don’t think you have the same issue with children. As far as I know, children don’t die immediately after eating or drinking too much. Raising plants is a tough, dangerous job but someone has to do it.

    My plants warn each other about me all the time.

    Shamrock: Here she comes again with the food. It tastes like shit and she just fed me 3 days ago. WTH, Aloe?

    Aloe: I know, I feel your pain. I am barely hanging on here. Last week she gave me her version of a pep talk. “Aloe, you cannot die on me! How is it going to look if I let a stupid houseplant die??? Perk up already!”

    Ivy: Oh that’s nothing. Last week she told me houseplants like me are a dime a dozen at Wal-mart and she has no issues throwing me out in the middle of a busy street.

    Bamboo: If I hear about her feng shui shit one more time I am going to kill myself! She has me sitting next to foo dogs now. I don’t know what a foo dog is but they are freaking scary.

    I am sure children have much better attitudes than these unappreciative and spoiled plants of mine. They are very fortunate my feng shui master says I need them more than they need me or they would be put up for adoption or possibly traded in for a nice, quiet Buddha statue.


  4. Coddled Kids and Winner Bridges

    May 20, 2013 by C.

    Thank goodness for snack breaks!

    Thank goodness for snack breaks!





    I miss the good old days when parents spanked their kids. Not in an abusive sort of way, but in a way that the kids knew who was boss and what would happen if they mis-behaved in any way, shape, or form ever again.

    When did we go from that era to this new era of coddling kids? I can tell you right now, I am glad I grew up when I did and had my rear end blistered a few times. You learned from your mistakes and in a way it made you better person. I am really scared for the future of this country, because it has all been handed to these kids and they are praised for doing simple things children should be doing anyways.

    We have kids participating in sports where no score is kept, you keep swinging until you get a hit and you have snacks at halftime. Back in the day, I would run so hard for so long, just playing after school, that I would lose my lunch in the neighbor’s rose bushes, wipe my chin and keep on running until it was so dark I couldn’t see. If a kid yaks these days, they have contracted a new virus (the dreaded house cat virus that has you hacking up hairballs for weeks) and will miss a week of school.

    Friends, there are winners and losers in life. That is just the way it is. Would you rather they find this out playing t-ball or after they have lost a job because of a confrontation with their boss over a difference of opinion? If you don’t want your child living with you until retirement, I suggest keeping score.

    It is difficult for me to attend my niece’s games. I typically yell at her or the other children the entire game. Most of these kids don’t even understand the rules of the game being played. The ball gets kicked out-of-bounds in soccer and they are looking around at each other like, “Uh oh. What do we do now? Is it almost half-time? I am a little dry and a banana sure does sound good.”

    After the game they make “Winner” bridges for their opponents to run through. I cannot even imagine. At the end of my games, we would line up and pass each other single file, touch hands and just say, “Good game”. I might have been a little high-strung because I was looking out for the player that rode my ass the whole game and when I got to them I would give him the evil eye and pull my hand back. I have always been a bit too competitive.

    You see, I was raised by parents that didn’t coddle me. I learned how to play catch with my father out in the backyard when I was 5. It went like this…

    Dad: I am going to throw this baseball at your head as hard as I can (a real baseball). You can either catch it, knock it down or get hit in the head.

    Me: What????


    I never missed the ball again.

    This could also explain a few other things about me for instance; I have difficulties remembering most of 1st grade and all of my birthdays.

    Can someone build a “Winner” bridge for me to run under so I feel better about this??


  5. More Random Acts of Kindness

    November 28, 2012 by C.

    Makes you feel good.




    I have another 10 of these done. That leaves 10 more and I am all finished up. As I promised they will be done no later than January 1st.

    1. Sent a card to a friend that was having a bad day.

    2. I bought Halloween treats from a candy store for all of my friend’s kids.

    3. I hid dollar bills around the toy section of the Dollar Store. Inside books and coloring books and under bottles of bubbles and other small toys. Can you imagine the face of a little kid that finds money to buy a toy?

    4. A local restaurant had a pie sale for an employee diagnosed with cancer. I ordered a pie and paid for 2.

    5. Made a monetary donation to a Salvation Army in New Jersey for the Hurricane Sandy victims.

    6. Introduced myself to a neighbor and invited her and her husband to join us in our storm shelter next time the sirens go off. This was extremely difficult as I make a point of not knowing my neighbors. “Like a good neighbor, stay over there” is my attitude.

    7. Some people were set up in front of Walgreens one morning collecting cash for a 7-year-old with brain cancer. I emptied my pockets of the cash I had on me.

    8. Bought items to be shipped by a local trucking company to help out the folks trying to recover from Hurricane Sandy.

    9. While out Black Friday shopping with the masses, I picked up a couple of items for friends that didn’t want to venture out in the madness.

    10. The last one I just signed up for today, so I am not sure exactly what all it entails, but there is a charity for the families displaced by Hurricane Sandy. It is called, “Secret Sandy” and the families write letters asking for certain items that would help them have a better Christmas. From what I read it is mostly for their children. I have a hard time thinking of children not having anything for Christmas so I signed up immediately. Soon, they will send me a letter from my family and I will go to filling their wish list.

    If this is something that would interest you, please visit

    Although I only have 10 more to finish my mission, I feel this project has changed me and will be something I continue doing the rest of my life. It has opened my eyes and made me examine different ways to make the lives of others better because giving is what it is all about…especially when you have a life as blessed as mine.