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  1. I Love the Oscars

    March 1, 2014 by C.

    Sunday night!!!

    Sunday night!!!



    Every year my mom and I have a mini Oscars party. It is a night of great food, lots of laughs and of course the competition. We each fill out a ballot and determine the winner, also known as the “movie genius” who will then get to rub in winning all year long to the loser. We have been doing this for so many years, I cannot even remember when we started making it an event.

    We pick eleven of the 24 categories…all the major ones. She likes to scream loudly when she gets one right and I just like to talk shit, “Oh, what’s that Mom?? You missed another one? You don’t know jack about movies, old lady!” I’m sure you’re all jealous you’ll be missing out on this.

    The food. This year we are changing it up big time. We have bought a tenderloin and will be cutting some nice steaks off of it. Baked potatoes, asparagus, hot rolls and bread pudding with ice cream sauce for dessert. Normally, we just do things like beans and cornbread, but we are going all out this year.

    I would love to share my picks with you, but my mother cannot be trusted not to come on here and cheat, but I will discuss all the nominated pictures and try not to give too much away.

    American Hustle– I really liked this movie but I don’t really understand all the Oscar hype for it. It was good, but not mind-blowing. I also don’t understand why everyone is all about Amy Adams’ performance. She was just ok. I actually thought Jennifer Lawrence stole the movie in the few moments she was in it. If Amy Adams wins Best Actress for this picture, the remote control will leave a dent in the TV screen, because I have a pretty good arm for a girl. I have a feeling Cate Blanchett will win it for her sweaty armpits and manic behavior in the Woody Allen film, “Blue Jasmine” anyways.

    *Meryl Streep, honey, the Best Actress Oscar should be yours. I am so sorry people hate you for being so good, but you are the best and people just need to freaking deal with it. Every award you are nominated for should be yours. Please drop the restraining order soon, thanks.*

    Her– This was nominated for Best Picture over “August: Osage County”??? WTF????

    Philomena– The little movie no one has heard of and that’s a shame. Based on a true story of a young Irish girl who gets pregnant and her parents dump her off at a Catholic home for unwed mothers (because I guess back in the day you didn’t get on a TV show for getting knocked up). She keeps her son for several years; until he is sold to an American couple and whisked across the ocean. Philomena starts the search for her adult son with a reporter helping her along the way. Dame Judy Dench is fantastic in this movie. Check it out the minute it hits DVD.

    Dallas Buyers Club–  Can’t say enough good things about this one. It was one I was dreading to watch, but was so glad I did. Jared Leto makes a beautiful woman and Matthew McConaughey gives the performance of his life (no, sorry ladies, his best performance wasn’t in “Magic Mike”).

    The Wolf of Wall Street– If you like crazy, funny movies you would love this one. I laughed most of the way through it. Leo is outstanding as usual. Not really sure why Jonah Hill is nominated other than the challenge of speaking with those horse teeth in his mouth.

    Captain Phillips–  From start to finish this one will have you on the edge of your seat. Tom Hanks is great as usual. This one is a must see.

    Gravity–  This movie is special. I like to call it “movie magic”. The special effects are amazing, it is a beautiful film and the acting was superb. I am very sorry if you missed seeing this movie in 3D, because it was truly spectacular.

    12 Years a Slave– I think the Best Picture battle will come down between this one and “Gravity”. This film, is an important film. It was extremely difficult to watch in certain scenes and it makes me feel so ashamed and sad to watch one race be so horrible to another. The ordeal this man went through (based on a true story) is just like one long continuous nightmare. I cannot even fathom being in the same situation and how I would react.

    I hope Lupita Nyong’o wins best supporting actress; she was so incredible in this movie and she wears the most gorgeous gowns to these award shows I have ever seen and she looks stunning in them. I can’t wait to see what she wears tomorrow night.

    Nebraska– What a touching story of a man and his son on a journey to cash in a sweepstakes letter, that the son knows will not produce any money. Bruce Dern and June Squibb are so believable as an elderly married couple, you will want to lock them up in an old folks home just to get away from the nagging and hearing the same things repeated a million times because poor Bruce is hard of hearing. I don’t want to ruin the end, but they couldn’t have ended it any better.

    Ellen DeGeneres will host the awards (our favorite has always been Billy Crystal) and she should be much better than last year’s host, Seth McFarlane. If you have a free four hours tomorrow night, you should watch or at the very least, rent some of these wonderful movies and prepare to be amazed.


  2. Stalking Sisters

    November 1, 2012 by C.

    This way to George Clooney!




    I used one of my vacation days to go stalking with my sister. They are filming the movie, “August: Osage County” near where she lives and we thought we would spend the day looking for George Clooney and the gang.

    These AOC signs direct you to where they are filming. You need directions because the set location is in the real BFE.

    After scouting out the situation we decided it would be best to park on the volunteer fire station parking lot. Our spot was between what I call “Trailer Town” (where all the stars have their fancy trailers parked) and the house they are filming in.

    First star spotted was Julia Roberts. They use these large white passenger vans to transport the stars from the trailer to the house when it is time for them to shoot. When they finish, the van picks them up and takes them back to their trailer. You would not believe how many times they run back and forth. We were out there about 6 hours and saw Meryl in her wig, Julia Roberts, Juliette Lewis and Abigail Breslin. We think we saw Chris Cooper but hard to tell the guys apart as they are zooming by. No George.

    After a couple of hours the sheriff pulled up. I was ecstatic. How awesome would it be to get arrested for stalking George Clooney? Well, awesome at least for a blog post or two. After that, not so much.

    Instead of busting us, he walks to the port-a-pot parked next to the fire station. Now, this is just how not threatened he was by us in our Mommy van. He left his car running and unlocked. How insulting. Mini-van moms are bad asses too!

    When he exits, my sister asks why he is going to the bathroom so far from his post. He said,”This is the bathroom they have set up for us to use”. He then tells us they get to eat in the tents with the stars but so far he had only seen George Clooney and Juliette Lewis. I cannot imagine eating anywhere near George Clooney. I would have food dribbled all over my boobs in no time. I swear my boobs eat more than I do.

    He asks what we were doing and we told him just watching the stars drive by and praying they get so bored they might stop. He just laughed. I love a cop that is nice to stalkers. He wished us good luck and took off.

    The closest town was 15 miles away. Luckily they had a Pizza Hut. We called in our lunch and then raced to Kansas to pick it up. We shared our cheesy bread sticks and kicked back just like we were watching a movie and sharing popcorn. It was a beautiful day (except for the smell of cow patties) and we were watching beautiful people make a movie. Or at least be driven to make a movie.

    We were pulling out to leave and I was going to get a photo of trailer town to share with you all. A truck was backing out of that area so we had to sit in the road and wait. They waved us through and just as I was about to take the photo I saw Julia Robert’s body-guard glaring at me. I pull the camera back in and smile and wave. Arms crossed against his  massive chest, muscles flexed and the angriest look on his face…he just kept glaring even after I was all nice and didn’t take a photo. This man was choking me telekinetically. He looked at me like he wanted me dead and quickly.

    Angry protector of Julia Roberts

    I don’t think my sister has seen this so I say, “that man was super angry for some reason and I think he wants me dead.”

    “Oh, well that might be because he knows my car. How did you think I knew he was her bodyguard?” she asked.

    “He knows your car???? I ask.

    “Yea, I was trying to get into those loft apartments Julia and Meryl are living in. Plus, I drive by all the time. He must have recognized my car from standing out there guarding the place,” she said.

    It was then I realized that my sister has become the better stalker of the two of us. Her children regularly ask, “Mom, are we going stalking tonight?”

    It has become a part of her everyday life and I enjoy being a hermit far too much to be near as dedicated as she is. But then I think, if this was going on in my town I would probably quit my job and hunt for George full-time.

    We might both have some serious issues.


  3. To Catch a Clooney

    October 9, 2012 by C.

    George, honey…I’m home!





    I have long been obsessed with celebrity. The reasons are still unknown to me. Actors, singers, bands, writers…if I appreciate their work I want to meet them. Yes, I know they are just people like you and me but they are living the life. Doing what they love and getting paid handsomely to do so. Signing autographs, posing for pictures and special treatment wherever they go. Sounds pretty cool to me.

    So my sister told me a movie would be filmed in the town she lives in. I immediately began to research the movie, actors and when filming would begin.

    Turns out the movie is “August: Osage County”, the play written by Tracy Letts that was a Broadway sensation. George Clooney is producing the movie and he has signed up a dream team of actors…the best actress in the history of film (just my opinion) Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Ewan McGregor, Sam Shepard, Chris Cooper, Benedict Cumberbatch, Juliette Lewis, Abigail Breslin and Margo Martindale (thought she was great in “Secretariat”).

    Now, let me be perfectly honest, if I met Meryl Streep I would probably turn into some blubbering idiot. When I think of her performance in “Sophie’s Choice” I still get all weepy and I know I will embarrass myself and frighten her, so I am hoping sincerely not to meet her. Plus, you know how you idolize someone so much and you meet them and they turn out to be the worst person ever and you are forever disappointed? I don’t want to take that risk.

    Filming started the last week of September and will continue for eight weeks. The weekend before the movie was to start filming my friend Cindy and I drove over to stalk with my sister. We loaded up in my sister’s mini-van along with her two children (really never too young of an age to start teaching stalking skills).

    We made trips to the airport (thinking the stars would fly in on their private jets). No luck. My sister drove us to a house that George was supposedly living in. We must have sat there and watched the house for 2 hours or more. Nada.

    The most exciting part of the trip was a drive out to the farm-house where 80% of the film will take place. The house sits about a half mile off the main road. There were giant barriers blocking the driveway. Do we let some barricades stop us? Oh, no.

    We got about half way down this dirt road and I see the security guard’s truck. I tell my sister to turn the car around and head back out to the road. No need to go to jail when it was clear no one was there filming. If there had been a chance Julia Roberts could watch me get arrested then it might have been worth it.

    “Nope, we are going down right in front of the house and taking pictures,” she said.

    We continued to try to scream some sense into her head. She was just too determined.

    As the van was swinging around in a u-turn in front of the house, I see the security guard stand up. This is it. This man is  sending us off to the clinker and the two children off to protective services.

    The security guard just smiled and waved. I rolled the window down, snapped the picture and told her to drive. She still objected. Wanted to get out of the car. I don’t know if she was wanting to roll around on her back in the grass George might have stepped on or what, but it was time to go. Live to stalk another day is my motto.

    Cindy and I will return for more stalking later this month. They seem to be filming mainly Monday through Friday so we are actually taking a day of vacation to go chase George and the gang.

    If we catch a Clooney I am not certain what we will do with him, but no worries, we will figure something out.