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  1. Random Acts of Kindness Project Completed

    December 31, 2012 by C.

    I eat lots of cupcakes

    I eat lots of cupcakes



    I have wrapped up the last random acts of kindness for my 41st birthday. This was such an amazing project for me…it is so true that it is better to give than to receive. I think this has taught me to keep my eyes open to what is going on around me and to step up when there is a need. A few people have told me that they want to start doing something like this because of my posts and that makes this worth so much more.

    1. Sent an email to a couple of co-workers boss to let him know what a great job they do.

    2. Hung candy canes on the walls around the office. I thought people would grab them and eat them but instead they are still hanging there. I guess they thought I was decorating for Christmas. Please eat the candy canes people.

    3. Sent a sympathy card to Sandy Hook Elementary. I wanted to do something and didn’t know what else to do.

    4. Picked 2 names at random from the phone book and sent them Christmas cards.

    5. Went shopping at Dollar General and took a laundry basket full of items to Children’s Haven in Joplin.

    6. Went through Chick-Fil-A and there was a young man standing outside handing out condiments. The weather was very cold and rainy. Pretty miserable. Stopped and gave him a tip.

    7. I eat lunch once a week at one of my favorite restaurants in town. I have given the waitress a list of their lunch specials that I love on my business card. She calls me and lets me know when they will have those things. I brought her a Christmas card with a Visa gift card inside for taking such good care of me and my belly.

    8. Made a donation to United Through Reading. I think this is such a great organization to support. Kind of a different way to support the troops but I love it.  I am going to copy what they do exactly in their words.

    “United Through Reading is the nation’s first nonprofit to promote the read-aloud experience for separated military families.  United Through Reading offers deployed parents the opportunity to be video-recorded reading story books to their children which eases the stress of separation, maintains positive emotional connections and cultivates a love of reading.  At nearly 200 recording locations worldwide, Marines, Soldiers and Sailors, National Guard, Reservists and Airmen, can read to their children from units on ships, in tents in Afghanistan, on bases and installations around the world and at 70 USO centers worldwide.  Over one and a half million military parents, spouses and children have benefited from the program since its inception.”

    If you are interested in supporting this project here is their web address:

    9. I eat a bunch of cupcakes. I went to buy a few more and had a reward card that was full and would get me a free cupcake. I asked the girl at the counter to please give it to the next person that came in. I explained it was a random acts of kindness project I was working on in hopes she wouldn’t throw it in the trash as I walked out.

    10. I was at my dentist office for a routine checkup back in October. My dentist is so nice. She does everything herself from cleaning your teeth to x-rays to making appointments. I really like that. It never made much sense to me that the dentist spent about 2 minutes in your mouth and left. This lady thoroughly knows my mouth and would easily recognize anything going on very quickly. Anyways, she was in the middle of cleaning my teeth and was talking about her youngest son who had just made a commitment to join the Marines. She started crying. He is her baby…just out of high school and has a condition that should have kept him out of the military, but they signed a waiver and put him through anyways. She was terribly distraught and I really didn’t know what to say other than I was sorry and would keep them in my prayers. She told me he was to leave for boot camp on December 11th. So on December 11th, I sent her a bouquet of flowers just to let her know I was thinking of her and still keeping them in my prayers. She called me the next day completely in shock I think. She thanked me over and over. Shared with me how difficult it was to see him go but it is what he wanted to do and she has to support him. A very difficult thing to do as a mother I am sure.

    That’s it. All 41 random acts of kindness completed before January 1st 2013 as promised.

    This will be my last post for 2012. It has been such a great year…with having one of my posts featured on and setting a new page view record for one day of 1387. A big thank you to each and every single one of you that come here to read what I am up to and have been so supportive. I cannot tell you how much it means to me. You guys are awesome!

    Happy New Year to you and yours. Let’s make 2013 the greatest year ever.

    Hell yea!

    Hell yea!

  2. Random Acts

    August 27, 2012 by C.

    Might just burn their hands off.




    Back at it again. This past week I started with visiting a park early on a Sunday morning before anyone would be there. I gathered up a bucket of change and scattered it all over the playground for the kids to find. I remember always being thrilled as a kid to find some money on the ground so I think it was probably well received.

    The next act was to buy someone’s lunch at a drive-thru. I tried it once at Subway but the woman had an angry face and was giving me dirty looks like it was my fault it was taking 20 minutes. Too bad so sad, Ms Mad Face. So I waited a few days and tried it again. This time it was a normal looking woman and I don’t know what she thought because I had to hustle to get to work but I am sure it at least made her smile.


    Last but not least, I bought donuts this past Friday for my co-workers. Now, I had a rough week and had been very stressed so there was a higher level of profanity spewing from my mouth. So, I guess technically it was an apology for all of my bad language. I am counting it anyways. Only 30 more to go!


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  3. Random Acts of Kindness #1, 2 and 3

    August 4, 2012 by C.

    This would have made me smile.







    My Acts of Kindness birthday project is off to a slow start. My first act was on Friday morning when I made this cute little sign and hung it on the mirror in the ladies restroom at work. I honestly expected to hear the ladies asking around, trying to figure out who would have hung such a sign in our bathroom, but I heard nothing. I am thinking they either thought the super creepy cleaning man left it for us the night before and had caused the ladies to feel a little grossed out or we have a bunch of ladies that don’t wash their hands after they potty. Another possibility could be they actually read my blog (highly unlikely) and figured out it was me that did it and they thought I could have come up with something better like buying everyone lunch. I have made a whopping $4.65 off this blog thus far, so we would have to split a few dollar menu items between the 30 of us.

    My next act happened this morning. My mom is pretty sick and I went to check on her. I told her I was going to the grocery store and asked if she needed anything.

    “Chicken broth”, she hoarsely whispered to me.

    She feels that if you are under the weather drinking a gallon of chicken broth will cure you completely. When I am sick she stands over me and watches me drink every drop of the chicken broth she has brought over to heal me. I hate that shit.

    While wandering around the store, I found a bucket of “Cherry Mash” candy bars. These are her all time favorite treats. So I picked up the gallon of chicken broth and two Cherry Mash bars.




    I took all of this to her and when she saw the Cherry Mash bars she got the biggest smile on her face. Mission accomplished!


    I went to breakfast at a new restaurant in town. It was very good and our server was superb. Every time she approached the table she had a big smile on her face and was just a sweet young lady.

    Our breakfast was $15 and I handed her a $10 bill as her tip. She looked completely shocked. She kept thanking me over and over. You would have thought I had handed her $100 bucks. She even ran back into the kitchen and was showing it to the other waitresses. I honestly didn’t think she would overly thrilled with the money but she was and it was so nice to watch. This was the best reaction so far and made me excited  to do more nice things. I don’t have a photo of her and the $10 because I thought that would probably freak her out.

    My birthday started out rough yesterday. I went out to get in the car to head to work and my car would not start. It really just put me in a really bad mood to start the day. Luckily, it was just a dead battery. After getting it jumped I headed to the battery chain where I had bought the last one.

    They quickly jumped on my car and the manager came in to ring me up. I start digging for my debit card.

    “Oh, we won’t be charging you anything to replace the battery”, he said.

    “Why?” I asked.

    “You have had the battery two years and four days. Our warranty covers the battery for two years and since it is just barely over, I am going to go ahead and give it to you for free”, he replied.



    If you add that ticket up for what it would have cost me you would get $97.95. I really feel it is a sign/reward that I am doing the right thing with these random acts of kindness.

    Three down and 38 more to go…




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  4. Join Me For My Birthday Celebration

    August 2, 2012 by C.



    Tomorrow I turn 41. Yippee, right? Bet you thought you were being invited to a kick ass party with a title like that. Sorry, Charlie! I am anti-social.

    After 40, there isn’t anything exciting about birthdays until you turn 50 and the only reason I would be happy about turning 50 is I am so much closer to menopause. God, I look forward to that day.

    So, since this is a rather boring birthday, I have decided to make something of it. I saw this idea somewhere…perform a random act of kindness for every year of your existence.

    I started making a list of things to do and I got to #12 and was so depressed about how old I am and how many more nice things I have to do, I had to go find myself a deep margarita. So if this whole post makes no sense at all you will know why.

    How do I say this without hurting my own feelings? I am typically not an overly friendly/nice kind of gal. I am not a morning person so I growl at most of my co-workers until around noon. Then I growl some more because I have forced myself to avoid that Rice Krispy treat in the vending machine all morning. I am usually semi-friendly between 4-5pm. So this nice thing will be a real stretch for me.

    As a present to me and to the world, I would like to invite you to help me out. Do something random and kind and post a comment below letting me know what you did. I will post every single thing I do in blog posts until we have hit 41 acts of kindness. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. You know, if you make it through the day without selling your child on Ebay that will count. I am not picky.

    Come on people, let’s go make the world a little brighter. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate a boring old birthday.



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