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  1. More Random Acts of Kindness

    November 28, 2012 by C.

    Makes you feel good.




    I have another 10 of these done. That leaves 10 more and I am all finished up. As I promised they will be done no later than January 1st.

    1. Sent a card to a friend that was having a bad day.

    2. I bought Halloween treats from a candy store for all of my friend’s kids.

    3. I hid dollar bills around the toy section of the Dollar Store. Inside books and coloring books and under bottles of bubbles and other small toys. Can you imagine the face of a little kid that finds money to buy a toy?

    4. A local restaurant had a pie sale for an employee diagnosed with cancer. I ordered a pie and paid for 2.

    5. Made a monetary donation to a Salvation Army in New Jersey for the Hurricane Sandy victims.

    6. Introduced myself to a neighbor and invited her and her husband to join us in our storm shelter next time the sirens go off. This was extremely difficult as I make a point of not knowing my neighbors. “Like a good neighbor, stay over there” is my attitude.

    7. Some people were set up in front of Walgreens one morning collecting cash for a 7-year-old with brain cancer. I emptied my pockets of the cash I had on me.

    8. Bought items to be shipped by a local trucking company to help out the folks trying to recover from Hurricane Sandy.

    9. While out Black Friday shopping with the masses, I picked up a couple of items for friends that didn’t want to venture out in the madness.

    10. The last one I just signed up for today, so I am not sure exactly what all it entails, but there is a charity for the families displaced by Hurricane Sandy. It is called, “Secret Sandy” and the families write letters asking for certain items that would help them have a better Christmas. From what I read it is mostly for their children. I have a hard time thinking of children not having anything for Christmas so I signed up immediately. Soon, they will send me a letter from my family and I will go to filling their wish list.

    If this is something that would interest you, please visit

    Although I only have 10 more to finish my mission, I feel this project has changed me and will be something I continue doing the rest of my life. It has opened my eyes and made me examine different ways to make the lives of others better because giving is what it is all about…especially when you have a life as blessed as mine.

  2. More Random Acts

    September 30, 2012 by C.

    Very excited about this




    1. Joined In2Books. This wonderful organization allows you to be a pen pal with a child. You and the child will discuss all sorts of things but mainly you will be reading the same books and then discussing them together via email. I have written my intro letter and I am just waiting to be placed with a child. Can’t wait to get started.

    2. I won a St Louis Rams sweatshirt at work in a drawing. I gave it to a kid I know that loves Sam Bradford and the Rams.

    3. I wrote a letter to Verizon about the wonderful customer service I received from Fredy.

    4. Made a treat for my co-workers. Pumpkin Fluff Dip was a big hit and very easy to make.

    5. Let a man go in front of me in a check out lane at the store.

    6. Wrote a thank you card and mailed it to my hairdresser. I am a huge pain in the ass over my hair and I just wanted to let her know I appreciate her putting up with me.

    7. Loaded a box of things around the house and donated to DAV.

    8. Held the door open at a store for everyone coming and going for a good 5 minutes.

    9. Got a group of ladies at work to go serve a dinner at a local children’s home. We go October 16th and will be feeding 15 children.

    10. Prayed for a stranger. I was coming home this morning from running errands. I noticed there was a fire truck and ambulance in front of a church. As I was passing by I saw them wheeling out an older gentleman on a stretcher. Hopefully nothing too serious. Regardless I said a prayer for him.

    I have 20 left to go now. Moving a little slow with this but I will accomplish the last 20 by January 1st. It’s a promise.

  3. More Random Acts

    August 14, 2012 by C.

    Very nice




    I have been slacking…I need to get with it or I will be 50 before I get this finished.

    Look what I received this week from the nice mail carrier. She enjoyed the card and the tip and left me a note.

    Ok, so this week the main random act of kindness I did was to make a donation to rebuild a mosque that was burnt here in Joplin. The ignorance and hatred of some people really saddens me and I just wanted to do something to take a stand against their act and to help out with the need to rebuild. If you are interested in learning more about this you can check out their donation site here:

    On Saturday I went to buy Powerball tickets (I don’t do it too often…just when the jackpot is mega huge). The lady behind the counter handed me my tickets and I gave her the one I had printed on a separate ticket. She got the biggest smile on her face and thanked me several times before I got out of the store.

    This has been fun so far. I highly recommend it. It is wonderful to see people react to even the smallest of acts. Back to work tomorrow…33 more to go.





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  4. More Random Acts of Kindness

    August 7, 2012 by C.

    Nothing like a free cold refreshing soda on a Monday.

    My first act of the week was to leave enough money taped to the vending machine so that someone would enjoy a free pop.

    “Thanks for the pop money, Chanin! You must have known I was broke this week,” Stephanie said.

    “Um, you are not supposed to know it is me doing it,” I replied.

    “Oh well, it was your handwriting, ” she replied.

    Mental note to self…no more handwritten notes with these acts unless it is for a complete stranger.

    My next task was to leave a nice note/thank you card with $10 in it for the lady that delivers my mail. It is freaking hot outside and it must really be a crappy job to work in this heat. Should make her smile I hope.

    Today I did something that I don’t really want to discuss because I don’t want anyone to figure out it was me that did it. So just trust me…I did something that counts and hopefully it was well received.

    Three down…35 more to go. I hope I get this finished before I turn 42.