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  1. Guy Branum Talks Zombies

    August 23, 2012 by C.

    I love Guy Branum. He is one of my favorites on Chelsea Handler’s round table. However, I think I might love Guy more when he is explaining how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Thanks for sending it over Stephanie!



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  2. Officially Obsessed With “The Walking Dead”

    July 21, 2012 by C.

    I made the mistake of buying Season One of “The Walking Dead” on Blu-ray. I watched all six episodes back to back without taking a bathroom break or snacking on Oreos. That is really saying something.

    A few weeks ago, they played Season Two in a marathon on AMC. I have it all taped and have been watching it as much as possible. I have three episodes left. Season Three starts in October and I cannot wait.

    My favorite character is Daryl. He is a redneck with a crossbow. So between Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) and Daryl, I want to shoot things with an arrow. Preferably Zombies. So I am saving up for yet another Ebay purchase.

    Zombies…ready or not here I come!



    How freaking cool is this thing? You need to use these to kill zombies because guns make too much noise (noise is like ringing a Zombie dinner bell) and if time permits you can rip your arrow out of the zombie’s head and re-use it. With a gun, once you are out of ammo you= Zombie snack.

    I cannot believe this is only $100 on Ebay (shipping is free!). Once I get it in the mail, I will purchase a bale of hay and strap on a Zombie head to use as a target. I haven’t quite figured out what to do if one of my arrows strays and maims a neighbor. I will try to have that all sorted out before I start shooting.

    I imagine I will look like the female version of Daryl. With this on my shoulder, no one would ever screw with me. Not even those bath salt crazies.

    This man is the Zombie Terminator.



    Is crossbow shooting an Olympic sport? I am going to start training and be ready for the 2016 Olympics or the Zombie Apocalypse, whichever comes first.



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  3. Lipitor Love

    July 17, 2012 by C.

    Apparently very bad stuff.



    I am always looking to save a buck, especially on medications. Last week I got a nifty card in the mail that would allow me to fill my Lipitor prescription for just $4 a month. At the time I was paying $30. At my Doctor visit I asked him to write me a new script and I would go make an attempt to get this discount.

    So this evening I pull up at the drive-thru of a pharmacy only to be told I cannot get it for $4 because of my insurance, but they have recently knocked it down to $10 a month for my co-pay. Yipppeee!

    All of a sudden a booming voice comes on the intercom and says to me…

    “Miss, are you aware that you cannot even consider getting pregnant while taking this drug?”

    “Right, well sir, that isn’t a problem. Thanks for checking though,” I replied.

    “This is very serious ma’am (oh you did not just call me ma’am!). Your child could have birth defects if you’re impregnated while taking this drug,” he responded.

    I glance over at the car next to me praying they have not heard all of this. They must have been 100 and they did not approve of any of the conversation that was going down. You would have thought they heard me asking for a case of The Morning After Pill.

    Why couldn’t the guy just drop it? I mean my Doctor put me on it and we had this discussion already. Just fill the bottle up with some pills already…geez.

    “Let me put it to you this way…I have a better chance of being attacked by Zombies during the Apocalypse, than I have of getting impregnated any time soon. So please just fill the bottle up and shoot it out to me,” I replied.

    “Zombies are nothing to joke about. Have you not seen the news lately? The Apocalypse is coming and soon,” he said.

    Ladies and gentlemen, this just might be the man of my dreams. He has access to lots of pills and believes the Zombies are coming. What more can a girl ask for?

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