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10/04/2013 by C.

All about me today.

All about me today.







It has been a long week and I am feeling a little lazy. I put this together for all of my stalkers and those who just feel the need to know the real me. I apologize in advance. Well, except to my stalkers who are thrilled beyond belief. You’re welcome.

  1. I hate being outside.
  2. Mainly because of bugs.
  3. One time a bee crawled in my pop can while I was golfing. It stung me inside my upper lip. My lips were huge. Angelina Jolie saw me and the rest is history.
  4. I love any kind of storm.
  5. Rainy days are my favorite…especially if the weather is cooler like in the 50’s.
  6. I was in a rock band in high school. I played guitar, but really wanted to play drums.
  7. I have a set of drums in storage.
  8. I don’t play them because I am scared of all the bugs in the storage unit.
  9. Bugs freak me the hell out.
  10. I love kids in small doses, except for my niece and nephew. I would like a dose of them daily but they live 2 hours away.
  11. I never had kids of my own because I knew it would not be right for a kid to watch football constantly, while eating pizza and cursing at the refs.
  12. Also, I would lock them outside to play all the time. Like even in the winter or overnight with the wild animals in my backyard.
  13. And I am super selfish and love to spend all my money on Pajama Jeans and Oreos.
  14. Plus I HATE eating at McDonald’s. It is so gross. I was told once they use cow eyeballs as meat filler. No thanks. But kids love that shit so no kids for me!
  15. I however LOVE Five Guys Burgers.
  16. They are building one here in town and I am super excited about it.
  17. I don’t drink alcohol. Ever. I know you probably find that hard to believe since most of my posts seem like they might be written by a drunk, but that is not the case. I have allergies to alcohol and I am never sure what will set them off so I just avoid it altogether.
  18. I have been known to sniff quite a bit of glue though.
  19. Not really. My mom just had a heart attack. Sorry Mom!
  20. I have always been determined to be famous. My autograph has been perfected and I am ready for my 1st book signing. Guess I just need to actually write a book.
  21. I have started approximately 204 books but have not gotten past the 1st chapter of any of them.
  22. I suck.
  23. One of my most favorite things in the world is breakfast buffet. Especially in Vegas.
  24. I hate going to Vegas though.
  25. I have two dream vacations…one to Italy so I can eat my weight in pasta and hang with George Clooney at Lake Como. 2nd one is a trip to Los Angeles to do nothing but stalk TV and movies stars for a week.
  26. I collect autographs of celebrities and athletes through the mail.
  27. Out of all of them that have been returned to me signed, the one that truly made me get tears in my eyes was Carol Burnett. I have loved her and her show since I was a child.
  28. I love movies and cannot wait to see “Gravity” on Saturday.
  29. My friends think it looks sad and depressing.
  30. Suck it up buttercups, sometimes life isn’t always perfect.
  31. I am obsessed with Pinterest.
  32. I wish I could find a paid full-time job testing things I find on Pinterest and then writing about them.
  33. I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was 26 years old. Because I hate needles and I was scared to death.
  34. I still hate needles.
  35. I would never make a very good druggie.
  36. I would however be an excellent drug dealer.
  37. I really want to learn how to shoot guns.
  38. I also want to learn how to throw knives like a ninja.
  39. I might be a little weird.
  40. I love each and every person for taking the time out of their day to come to this blog and read the things I write. Thank you so very, very much.


  1. kden says:

    I’m glad you share your new blog posts on FB because I can’t get my blogroll to link up. It takes me nowhere. So it’s a good thing we’re FB friends or I never would get to know these interesting things about you; even though I think you can condense it down to 10 because you cheated a bit by doubling up on many 🙂 I used to hate kids too and when we were eating in a nice place I would tell my husband that all kids belonged at McDonald’s or Chuck E Cheese only! But then I had my own and although she is the only kid I love, there are some with potential.
    kden recently posted..Don’t Waste The ‘MatersMy Profile

    • Chanin says:

      Yes, I looked into trying to fix your blogroll a few times because I figured it was something I did wrong on my end…cannot figure it out for the life of me. I give up!

      I agree, there are some great kids out there but if I had one it was turn out to be a raving lunatic…I just know it.

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